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Cobra #3
Published on Saturday, August 20, 2011 by

This comic has been on the shelves for a while, but if the July numbers are accurate and Cobra sales are down then many readers may have missed it. We’ve previewed Cobra #3 but never reviewed it.

This is another case of “I will never be commander.” Like Baroness, Tomax is assured that he will not be the next leader of the organization. Since this issue starts with Tomax silently existing in prison it is plausible that his peers are not going to see him as leader material. His escape however is the making of a legend. Will it be enough to reverse the opinions of his peers? Without Xamot, his only love, Tomax is now pure hate and all action.

Positives in this issue include Tomax’s brilliant escape from prison. Even if a CEO would not have this many intimate details of every aspect of any one company. A CEO would especially not know as many intimate details of so many companies and shell companies including security access codes. Allowing for that the escape is brilliant. It has all of the logical problems of Nick Cage’s The Rock but that shouldn’t slow the reader down.

Another positive is hearing that both Sunbow and Dic are shell companies for Extensive Enterprises. That is a nice Easter egg for long time Joe fans.

A vague point is why does the President call to isolate Tomax. Is the President working under the order of Cobra without knowing it? Is the President aware of what the Joes have done and merely concerned about Tomax escaping? The second seems most plausible since Tomax feels that he has disgraced the Joes in the eyes of the President. Although Cobra’s covert reaches does allow for both to be true if the President is a puppet for the organization without realizing it. Having the White House under the control of Cobra could set up an anti-Joe government much like Hama’s in ARAH. That was a story that excited fans without truly being satisfied. Is that the direction this series is going?

Negatives in this issue could still be the art. Visually this is not my favorite Joe title on the shelves.

Despite the art causing Joes to look similar and nondescript, it is clear that Serpentor has his hooks into the psyche of a Joe. That comes to light as the over stretching b-story is explored. One of the non-Tomax threads within the book that seems to be a nice payoff.

Sales for Cobra may be dropping, but it is still weaving its way into the big picture of the Civil War.

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