The GeeksverseThe Stuff Of Legend Vol. III – The Jester’s Tale #1

The Stuff Of Legend Vol. III – The Jester’s Tale #1
Published on Saturday, August 20, 2011 by

Published by: Th3rd World Studios
Written by: Mike Raicht & Brian Smith
Illustrated by: Charles Paul Willson III
Colored by: Jon Conkling & Michael Devito
Cover Art: Charles Paul Wilson III

If you haven’t been reading, and enjoying, The Stuff Of Legend then there is something wrong with you. It is one of the reasons why the comic book medium exists and continues to exist.

The first issue of the third volume picks up right where the last ended. Max has become King of the animals and remains in the jungle with Scout, the puppy. Harmony, Percy and Quackers are trying to head home. The Jester has left them to return to the Princess. And that is where we pick up. The story follows the Jester has he hunts for the princess, you was taken by the Indian warrior Artic.

The Jester is an interesting character. He’s always joking but in a way he seems the one that has strayed the most from his toy origin. He’s a Jack-In-The-Box. When they entered the dark he became a dual wielding warrior, almost like a ninja. The other toys became real versions of their actual toys. But the Jester seems the most distant. Yet it still fits. A Jack-In-The-Box lives on a spring and waits for an oppotunity to come out of the box in surprise, this can translate to attacking from surprise. And the Jester’s method of attacking, leaping and jumping with great agility, does seem to relate to “attacking” on a spring. His body has become a spring.

Raicht and Smith spin a very magical tale. It’s an amazing story, full of deep characters and moving moments. It makes me look back in time and see how I treated some of the toys I had and when they were discarded. You can see how the Boogeyman manipulates the toys and it makes sense. Even toys can have insecurities.

This issue grows the story of the Dark, showing more of the world within the closets of the world. It also adds to the mystery, introducing another Jester at the beginning. It makes me eager to learn more about this other Jester and how he relates to the overall story.

Wilson’s art is beautiful. It’s incredibly detailed. The toys look real, but still have a toy feel to them. His layouts are top notch, utilizing the script to it’s fullest. Beautiful stuff.

The Stuff Of Legend Vol. III – The Jester’s Tale #1 receives:
5 out of 5

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