The Geeksverse31’s Andrew Anderson Kickstarts A New Book

31’s Andrew Anderson Kickstarts A New Book
Published on Sunday, August 21, 2011 by

Andrew Anderson, the writer of 215ink’s acclaimed spy comic 31 is proud to announce his new book, Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts.

The summary is as follows:
After the fall of the United States due to economic situations in the year 2012, the United States had split into two fractions. The Border States, consisting of Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and the lower half of California and Free America, consisting of the Northern States. Alaska and Hawaii have become their own nations as have numerous military bases around the world.

Jack and John had been leading the Resistance in Texas against the sleeper cell Al Qaeda at the request of Border States President Perry. President Perry had given intel to Jack about the Chinese PLA invading and told him to go north to deliver the intel to save Free America. Jack handed it to John to deliver and left to save his love in San Antonio.

In Free America, Brian leaves a bar after explaining the situation to the patrons. He heads south trying to raise an army to help defend the border against the PLA

In Afghanistan, General Burkett is trying to hold his men in position, but with food running low their only choice is to head to the last ally of the former United States, Israel.

The Book is available for pre order through kickstarter at:

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