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Homeless Comic’s Healed #4
Published on Sunday, August 21, 2011 by

Written by: George O' Connor
Illustrated by: S. Griffin
Cover Art: S. Griffin
Editor: Tracy O'Connor

Healed has a very unique style to it. Each issue is three small stories that aren’t necessarily connected to eachother, but all tell different aspects of the overall plot. Each shorter story tells a different view on what is happening to the world now that it’s been healed.

The overall plot is very interesting, what happens when there is no disease?

This issue changes things up a bit. The prior issues had two stories that showed different points of views and the middle story that was the ongoing one. The ongoing one concerned Donna Gibbs, head of a pharmaceutical R&D company and apparently the only one that cares to learn why the world was healed. This issue has two stories starring Donna and both of them move the main story forward.

Gibbs is supposed to be the evil CEO that everyone hates. Cold, calculating, only caring about her bottom line. But O’Connor does a good job of making her sympathetic in a way. She’s the only one asking why and her reasoning for asking that makes sense. Is she really bad?

The third story was very intense. It asks a tough question. To his credit O’Connor doesn’t try to answer the question of “is addiction a disease or a habit”, he makes some points and leaves it up to us to come up with an answer. It’s a tough question and I’m glad that the story is going to cover all diseases and not just medical.

Griffin’s art is getting better by the issue. This issue it seem she spent more time concentrating on the faces and body details. The movements of the bodies themselves are a little stiff and out or proportion in spots. But the facial work is much better then previous issues.

Healed #4 receives
4 out of 5

This is an interesting series. Intriguing plot and well written.

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