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Walking Dead #88
Published on Monday, August 22, 2011 by

Given its highly successful tenure on the comic shop shelves Walking Dead is becoming harder and harder to review. The series still holds emotional resonance with both likable and unlikable characters. It still features a cross section of humanity transforming to meet the needs of an inhuman world where people truly are only Walking Dead. It is still a good comic after nearly a decade. Kudos.

The problem in reviewing this comic is that I feel like I’ve sung its praises before. I keep saying the same thing. Rick is great even when I hate him. Carl is still my favorite. Everyone else is strongly written even when they do visually look a little alike occasionally. I don’t want to spoil the read by telling you who bashed in who’s head with what. So what more can I say?

If you’ve been reading this storyline, which you should, you know that Carl has hit a bit of a snag a few issues ago and last issue brought with it more details about Carl’s condition. This issue opens with Carl’s condition. Chilling but not unexpected in the way that when Kirkman writes it it just makes sense even if we couldn’t have guessed last month.

I could run down that in this issue we see Rick, Carl, Spencer, Andrea, etc. but this isn’t a book that you buy because you see a special guest star on the cover. I doubt any reader is picking this book up because Spencer looks like he’ll be in this issue. The entire cast makes this book grand not just individuals, not that the Spencer-Andrea relationship in this book isn’t a fun read.

The consistent creative team could be listed, again. However, this book has seen very little change up since Tony Moore stopped doing regular covers. If you haven’t learned their names by now then you probably don’t care about creative staff monikers but instead or just reading for that haunting black and white tale. The art and lettering are still excellent allowing the reader to develop their own pacing and urgency with the story.

This is a great book but it is getting increasingly hard to review because it is a consistently great book.

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