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Warehouse 13 #1
Published on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Written by: Ben Raab & Deric A Hughes
Art by: Ben Morse
Color Assists by: Jonathan Cooper
Lettered by: Bill Tortolini
Cover by: A- Ben Morse; B- Photo
Editor: Joseph Rybandt

I have to be honest, I’ve never seen the show. Heard a little bit about it, really just the title and not much more. It seems, upon reading the comic, that it’s something that I could get into. So this review comes from someone that knew next to nothing about the show.

Raab, and it’s good to see him back in comics, and Hughes do an amazing job with setting the scene. It’s a way that should appeal to both new fans and old fans. We’re giving the backstory, enough of it to work with, in a manner that isn’t forced. Just by a scene that could occur in any episode of any season, we learn what we need to know about the premise. This is a team that goes and recovers the lost magical artifacts of the world. Character interaction sets the tone for who is who and how they react and work with eachother. Fans of the show won’t be bored or feel that any page count was wasted with “needless” explanation. And new fans get enough backstory that they get a foundation to build off of.

And the double page spread of Claudia ziplining through the warehouse does as much as the dialogue did. Morse does a good job of showing alot of depth to the warehouse and still keeping close in on the details.

The rest of the issue is decent. It wraps up a little too nicely at the end and seems like it’s paced like a television show, which makes sense in a way. Most television shows spend most of the episode on the build-up and then the last 10-15 on the resolution. But they are written so it seems like equal time was given to both. It’s an odd thing if you really sit down and think about it. And since Raab and Hughes are writers for the television show, it seems natural that they’d carry that over into the comic book.

The problem is that this is a comic book and not a television show. The end feels rushed, not equal to the build-up. It’s fairly predictable as well. Who the ultimate enemy is, the one using the artifact, is obvious from the first introduction. There’s little mystery to the story.

The interaction between the characters is excellant and natural, and this is to be expected considering who is writing the story.

The art by Morse is decent. Some panels look very rushed, well some others are extremely detailed. As good a job as he does with the double page warehouse interior shot, as well as the last page exterior, he doesn’t do as good a job with the city as it falls down on the first page. It’s hard to get an impression of the sinkhole.

Some of the layouts are a bit off as well. The scene where Brisco is inside his mansion and then the car is taking off is very odd.

Overall the work is decent and can only improve, but it’s not as solid as it should be in a first issue. I can’t really comment on how good a job Morse does at capturing the likenesses of the actors because I’ve never seen the show. Looking at pictures on IMDB, they’re close but a little off.

Warehouse 13 receives
3.5 out of 5

Fans of the show should enjoy this issue and there is plenty here for new fans to latch onto.

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