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Wolverine #14
Published on Thursday, August 25, 2011 by

Written by: Jason Aaron
Penciled by: Renato Guedes
Inked by: Jose Wilson Magalhaes
Colored by: Matthew Wilson
Lettered by: VC's Cory Petit
Cover Art: Jae Lee w/ June Chung
Assistant Editor: Jody Leheup
Editor: Jeanine Schaefer

It’s been a long time but we finally get to see the payoff from the Wolverine Goes To Hell storyline. And what a payoff.

I have to admit that the storyline was starting to drag on me. This last arc to it, Wolverine’s Revenge, was extremely long. Half, if not more, of each issue was devoted to a member of the Red Right Hand. We got to learn alot about them. But it made the arc feel much longer then it was. But the payoff on the drawn out arc was amazing.

It a total shocker. Never saw it coming. I had lost faith in Aaron on delivering a good ending to this. What had begun with “Wolverine Goes To Hell” and then “Wolverine Vs The X-Men” and then finally with “Wolverine’s Revenge” wasn’t something that was totally appealing to me.

But the ending? Wow.

Even though the Red Right Hand are all dead, they managed to get the ultimate revenge on Logan. They managed to turn him into them. Now I’m extremely interested in seeing where Aaron goes with this, and how much of an impact it will have in the other titles Logan stars in, especially the upcoming ‘Wolverine And The X-Men’ (personally I would have called it ‘Logan’s X’ just to make it catchier and shorter).

The end for the Red Right Hand is poetic in a way as well. These are people that knew they would go to hell, and in a way that is what they wanted because the one’s they had lost were there as well. All except for the young boy that came up with the idea of how to get their revenge. His was the only loved one that wouldn’t be in hell awaiting him. It’s a cautionary tale that revenge is never going to get you back what you lost, or what you think you want.

Guedes art was good. Still not as good as it was at the very beginning of the title. The figures are overly detailed in some spots, but in most there is the right amount, making certain characteristics pop out even more. He’s got a good grasp of layout. He made the most out of this script, which didn’t call for much action.

Wolverine #14 receives
4 out of 5

I’m glad the storyline has come to an end and the payoff made the months of hard-to-read issues worth it.

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