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In the 90s, Jim Steinman worked on a non-Meatloaf musical: Batman! Riding the success of the Tim Burton Batman movies, Warner Brothers and DC comics were trying to capitalize on that success by entering a new realm of entertainment. Musicals were nothing new by the 1990s. The art form had flourished since vaudeville, but comic characters were not seen as potential heroes. If anyone could have taken the world of spandex on stage it would have been Steinman. Steinman had mastered the rock opera as single song and concept album as song writer for Meatloaf. Only the Who have more experience with rock musicals. Sadly, Jim Steinman’s musical never made it to the stage. His music has been floating around the internet for years. Rumors even try to claim that the neon Schumacher movies had been intended as musical on film.

In recent theater history, Spiderman tried to swing above Broadway. The musical never made it past the hundreds of press preview nights. The show stopped before it ever truly began. Turn off the Dark never Turned on the Lights.

Now, once again, the Dark Knight is trying to mount the foot lights. Only time will tell if the foot lights are kinder to Gotham’s hero than it was to Manhattan’s. This could be the next He-Man Power Tour or Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells rock concert. Perhaps these won the charm of fan hearts but critics were never truly impressed.



Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), DC Entertainment and Nick Grace of Water Lane Productions Ltd (WLP) announced today, that BATMAN LIVE – a unique action-packed live show – will focus on the story of young Dick Grayson (Robin), a circus performer who loses his parents to organised crime.

Faithfully adapted from the DC Comics characters and stories, BATMAN LIVE focuses on Robin’s quest for justice, which leads him to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the mysterious vigilante known as the Batman – much to the dismay of his protective guardian, millionaire Bruce Wayne – who secretly happens to be Batman.

This dynamic triangle resolves itself in a non-stop thrill-ride across Gotham City that transforms Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into the legendary crime-fighters Batman and Robin and transports the audience from the Big Top of Haly’s Circus to the lower depths of Arkham Asylum – from the glittering peaks of the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge to the subterranean wonders that await inside the Batcave, which features a revolutionary, all-new Batmobile designed exclusively for BATMAN LIVE.

A dazzling celebration of storytelling and stagecraft, BATMAN LIVE is at its heart an affecting coming of age story. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson – both orphaned at an early age – must first learn to overcome their own fears and forge their own family – along with Police Commissioner James Gordon and Bruce’s trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth – if they’re going to survive the combined forces of Batman’s larger-than-life rogues gallery: The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

BATMAN LIVE will tour arenas for the first time ever across the UK and Europe, beginning in summer 2011 and arriving in North America by summer 2012. Opening in Manchester on 19th July 2011 and visiting Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Dublin and Belfast, tickets for BATMAN LIVE are on sale now.

BATMAN LIVE, a unique and innovative theatrical experience, is an arena spectacular that combines acrobatics, daredevil stunt work, illusions, and cutting-edge design to bring the adventures of Batman and Robin to life on stage for the first time in the characters’ history. BATMAN LIVE will be written by Allan Heinberg, with the original story by Stan Berkowitz & Alan Burnett, and Allan Heinberg.

“The passion the creative team behind BATMAN LIVE shares for the character can be seen throughout every aspect of this production,” said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment. “And the storyline, the origin of Robin, is something that is going to create a truly unforgettable live show.”

Allan Heinberg said: “I am delighted to be joining a team as committed to delivering an unparalleled visual spectacle, as they are to telling a compelling, emotional story. BATMAN LIVE is lovingly faithful to the characters and their distinguished history and it provides a unique opportunity for new and lifelong fans to experience Batman and his world as they never have before.”

Allan Heinberg’s writing and producing credits include: Party of Five, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Grey’s Anatomy and The Amazon’s Voice, his first play. Heinberg also developed the animated series Legion of Super Heroes for Warner Bros. Animation. He is the writer and co-creator of Marvel Comic’s Young Avengers and currently writes Marvel’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. His other comics work includes JLA (with Geoff Johns), Superman/Batman, Wonder Woman, and Uncanny X-Men.

Allan Heinberg is joined by comic book legends, Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett, in the creation of the original story.

“We are very excited and privileged to have the opportunity of working with such an outstanding and passionate team of writers” said Nick Grace, Executive Producer of BATMAN LIVE. “The story that has been created for this show is truly inspiring and will appeal to audiences of all ages.”

Stan Berkowitz’s animated TV writing credits include The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Ben 10 and The 99. He won Daytime Emmys® in 1998 and 2001, and in 2009, he received the Writers Guild of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Animation Writing. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife, Teagan Clive.

Alan Burnett (four-time Emmy® Award winner) scripted episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, the Emmy®-winning production. He began his animation career at Hanna-Barbera Studios with Super Friends in 1981. His awards include four Emmy® Awards, three Annie Awards and two Humanitas Prizes. His work within the Batman realm includes series producer on Batman and Superman and Batman Beyond, and most recently as supervising producer and story editor for Warner Bros. Animation’s award-winning series The Batman. Burnett also co-produced and co-wrote the animated feature film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, was supervising producer and writer for Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, and served as producer on the feature-length Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. He also served as story editor and wrote one of the segments of the DC Universe animated original movie, Batman Gotham Knight, and scripted the DCU film Green Lantern: First Flight.

BATMAN LIVE is a live-action, super-heroic spectacle of unprecedented scale that is every bit as human, touching, and inspiring as it is spectacular.

Tickets for UK and the Republic of Ireland are on sale now.
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