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From the small screen success of Batman Beyond, the beyond version of Superman returns in his own one shot adventure. When the Justice League of the future guested in Batman Beyond’s regular series kick off the black clad Kryptonian was missing. He is also noticeably absent from the Batman Beyond 100 page reprint when the Justice League pop in. News of the Kryptonian returning to the future world was hopeful. Even Bruce Wayne seems happy to see the grey haired alien return to Earth. Superman has been absent for a year, apparently, leaving the younger members of the Justice League to fend for themselves while the Kryptonian plays tourist around the universes.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011 By Austin Trunick
Spinning out of the fan favorite BATMAN BEYOND series come the adventures of The Man of Tomorrow in the DC Universe of the future! An aging Kal-El is called back into action to stop a villain more powerful than he’s ever faced – all while his own super powers are starting to fade.

SUPERMAN BEYOND #0 will be written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema. Check out the cover by Dustin Nguyen below!

The one-shot will be available in August.

Sadly this comic is openly described as a one-shot.

On a positive note, this comic is now available at your local comic book shop. Tom DeFalco does a great job creating a story that features two Batmen, the newer animated Justice League, a new villain, some misc. alien races, Jimmy Olsen, an absent Lex, and the man of tomorrow. Most notably this comic features the man of tomorrow facing the end of his tomorrows. From the beginning Superman is struggling with his speed and strength. While fast and strong enough to single handedly defeat an alien invasion but he knows that years before it would not have been such a struggle. Superman can barely outrun a speeding bullet.

Everyone knows that Superman will win and live through this comic which does steal from the suspense. However, DeFalco does try to capture suspense. It works as well as it ever does in a Superman comic. He hasn’t died since the late 90s and he came back then. It removes the suspense.

The touching moment of Superman tending to the Kent graves is nice. The witty conversation between Bruce and Clark is nice. The conversation does raise questions about the time line. Bruce doesn’t sound like the CEO that he becomes in the later half of the Batman regular series, but instead sounds like the cave dweller presented in the earlier miniseries.

The inclusion of Terry and the Batcave is okay, but it does beg the question of when does this event take place? I don’t think Terry would grumble at Bruce the way he does after Batman Beyond #7, but perhaps he will. It must take place after Terry joins the Justice League against Bruce’s wishes after they help him save his family.

Why would the Justice League try to call Terry in to clean up street level crime in Metropolis? Sure, Batman is good at handling street level crime from the shadows, but is Terry any more useful than War Hawk?

Dustin Nguyen’s cover, below, is excellent.

Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema both capture the look of the beyond world. The Justice League look great.

Batman Beyond will return with new numbering in Jan 2012. A book that would compliment the tales of a future Bat, would be another beyond title that features Superman. Either a regular Superman Beyond or Justice League Beyond would nicely flesh out the future of the DC universe. In either Superman could struggle with his own frail mortality. Still stronger than the humans he protects, it would be nice for Superman to struggle with his own loss.

Discuss Batman Beyond and its universe on the Pryde Forum. What would you like to see from the future of the DC Universe? Do you think more than one Beyond title would work? Do you expect the renumbered restart to keep the same momentum as the recent short lived regular series? Do you expect the renumbered restart to wrap up the dangling plot threads? Would Justice League or Superman Beyond help flesh out the sway world? Would you like a War Hawk Beyond stand-alone or miniseries?

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