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Chew #20
Published on Monday, August 29, 2011 by

Flashbacks, multiple characters trapped in the same intertwining story, and a large cast could be problematic but Chew continues to handle it well. This issue has copious two page spreads with the images in the foreground and background being important to understanding the series. It is a fun set of pages which moves beyond the crash-bang two page spread to deliver story substance. The Chew creative team have begun to remind me of fellow Image creator Erik Larsen, because they are willing to play with the page layout. I’m waiting for this team to do an entire issue of two page spreads, or mirror the page layouts, or some such cute tool to design. I feel as if they could handle it.

The Chew creative team have developed an entire world quickly. Holding the 21st installment (because of the out of order issue) in my hand I was struck at how quickly they have developed the entire world. In twenty issues Tony Chew has become familiar, but he has a large supporting cast, including aliens, vampires, Russians, dictators, government officials, and a chicken (I think Poyo will return). The world is completely different than the one in which we live yet it all feels well thought out and well executed. The feel of these past twenty issues does not feel haphazard even when they pepper in jokes in the background.

In this issue the sky writing disappears but that is far from comforting.

More characters from Chew past swirl back into the comics pages.

Overall this is an excellent book that has earned its reputation and large readership. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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