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Iron Horse #140 Special? Edition
Published on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by

Rolling onto news stands is the Iron Horse magazine special edition: Sons of Anarchy edition. At least that is the way the cover makes this magazine look, as if it is an issue devoted to FX’s TV biker show. In that respect it is a bit disappointing.

This issue has a great cover, capitalizing on the cast of the show. The image has life and vitality in sepia tone. Viewers familiar with the show can see the attitude of the characters speak in the photograph. It is a great cover.

Earlier issues (#127 and 132) have also featured Sons of Anarchy. The earlier issues included interviews with Ron Perlman and a frank discussion of the show from creative process to fandom. The earlier editions interviews with Perlman are recommended reading for all Perlman fans from Hellboy to SoA, because they touch on more than just the current show.

This issue, #140, provides less for the Sons of Anarchy fan than the earlier issues. This issue does have a season by season prose recap of the show dedicating seven text heavy pages to the key moments of the three season. It has nice detail and spares little. This five pages can act as a review or a primer. It is particularly unnecessary if a fan owns the DVDs or has watched the show recently in reruns. After that recap is a photo heavy “where are they now” recap of major characters. Insightful for casual or new fans.

An homage to the DVD/poster Jax pose wherein Perlman looks back

The best part of this issue is Dutch’s one page editorial on how the show is different from other TV shows. He makes a good point, especially if one is considering Renegade or CHiPs or Street Hawk. I wish Dutch named names and titles when he says that the biker community embraces SoA more than other motorcycle shows. Then Came Bronson and the Canadian The Last Chapter are held in similar esteem to SoA but in different ways and for different reasons. One thing Dutch doesn’t point out is that the fourth season marks a milestone of success. Most biker TV shows do not last this long. The ones that do, and that are commercially successful, aren’t held in high regard by the community. SoA has earned a special edition.

Other than those nuggets the issue contains a few well placed, well made, obligatory ads for the upcoming series. It is only helpful if you happened to miss the ads on FX.

As a Sons of Anarchy special edition, with well placed ads, this issue of Iron Horse is underwhelming. As an issue of the popular magazine it is right on track. Garage tips, show bikes, and all of the usual suspects are included. Non-SoA fans that read the mag regularly will not be disappointed by the current content.

If the mag wants to truly do a special special edition dedicated to FX’s hit show, then they should do bike profiles featuring the TV bikes, comparative articles discussing other biker shows, a time line of televised bikers, more interviews, interview the series creator in addition to Perlman, a discussion of the soundtrack, shoot location “behind the scenes” shots, or in short an issue more akin to Iron Horse #125.

The special special edition

This is a show that love or hate will not leave the airwaves for a little while. Each year the fandom for the show grows. Initially SoA was an underground hit that then was promoted and pushed into a main staple of the FX line up. Merchandising is now catching up proof that the show has a few more miles down the road. The new belt buckle is well made but it is very large at nearly the size of a rodeo buckle, but this commitment to the product should bode well for Sons of Anarchy fans.

Iron Horse #140 is available where gear head magazines are sold. I picked up my copy at the local grocery store. Overall another fine magazine, but not the best that they have produced on the subject. If you’re grooving on this issue then track down the earlier issues.

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