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Justice League #1
Published on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by

Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Jim Lee
Inked by: Scott Williams
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Patrick Brosseau
Cover Art: A- Jim Lee w/ Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair; B- David Finch w/ Richard Friend & Peter Steigerwald
Associate Editor: Rex Ogle
Editor: Eddie Berganza

The first book in the “New 52″, DC’s relaunched/rebooted universe, and it’s a flashback series. Apparently it’s going to tell the origin of the Justice League and how they come together. It’s an interesting way to start off the flagship book for the new universe.

Does it work?

No. Not really.

Five years ago super heroes were just starting to appear. They were still an oddity and hunted by the police. Rare that they stood out to the public, but not so rare that they hadn’t heard of eachother yet. Batman and Green Lantern had never met but they knew of eachother. And the issue ends with what looks like it’ll be a cliched “two heroes meet and misunderstand eachother and fight for a bit” story.

DC’s idea was to create new excitement with their rebooting/relaunching and they are already resorting to a super hero comic cliche? Not a good way to start off the story.

The story itself is okay. It’s supposed to be set up as a good introduction to the characters. Green Lantern gets to mention the Corps, the Guardians and that his ring can do anything, over and over again to the point it’s annoying. Through GL we learn that Batman is just a guy dressed in a bat costume. I think Johns meant the story to convey that even though Batman is just a guy in a bat costume, he’s still a bad-ass. It doesn’t come out that way.

For a new reader it might make it a bit easier to get into, but for an old timer it’s very heavy handed. There’s a general lack of excitement to the story and Green Lantern is annoying as all hell. Hal’s always been cocky, but he’s never been annoyingly cocky. He is in this story. There is nothing in his character that would make me think he was deserving of that ring. Right now I’m thinking the Guardians have to be loons to have given that ring to Hal.

Now Jim Lee needs to draw more Green Lantern. This must happen. I have never seen GL constructs that rocked as much as Jim Lee’s. He put an amazing amount of detail into each one. They are spectacular. The rest of the issue is up to Lee’s standards, which means it’s a good looking comic book.

Overall this issue lacked the punch that was needed/expected for the first issue of DC’s big relaunch. If the rest of the comics are like this one, the big relaunch will not go over well at all.

Justice League #1 receives
2 out of 5

Not an impressive start to the New 52. Lacked excitement and the story chosen, the origin of the League, doesn’t make sense for this important issue.

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