The GeeksverseMore Of Wolverine’s X-Men Revealed

More Of Wolverine’s X-Men Revealed
Published on Friday, September 2, 2011 by

Today’s Marvel teaser revealed more of the X-Men that will be joining Wolverine in Westchester.

No more X-Force members were revealed, but the other two shadows are most likely Fantomex and Psylocked. M and Rictor were revealed in X-Factor. The other two shadows are probably Strong Guy and Siryn. Where does that leave Madrox and Longshot?

Frenzy and Gambit join Rogue in Legacy. Kitty Pryde, with Lockheed, follows Logan to his team and are joined by Toad.

Go to the Pryde’s forums and join the ongoing discussion on the X-Men’s Regenesis.

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