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Vescell #1
Published on Friday, September 2, 2011 by

This is the book that gives proof of why editors exist. And it’s not just one reason, but many reasons. First is that there is way too much going on in this story. Way too many angles. More to follow on that. The other reason is the sheer amount of grammatical mistakes in the story. There are many examples of the wrong tense being used, misspelled words. It just comes out looking amateurish.

This is a book that came out from Image. There are small press books being published in a guy’s basement that are done better then this story.

Vescell is a company that transfers your brain from your body to a new flesh and blood one. Maurcico “Moo” Barrino works for Vescell and is resposible for delivering “at risk” clients to the company so the transfer can happen.

That is where the story should have started and ended. And even that bit isn’t fully thought out. Why would the client’s be “at risk”? I can see how some might be, but in such danger that they’d need what is essentially a bodyguard?

What complicates the story is the rival corporation, Cybercan, that transfers your mind into a robot body. Not that big a complication. Makes sense that there would be a rival to Vescell. Their agents are cyborgs.

From there it gets worse. The “banerealm” (think hell) has collided with Earth and let demons out. There’s magic in the world, along with technology, and a strict religion which everyone seems to ignore. The demons are also trying to collect shows and people can be possessed.

Moo sleeps with pretty much all his clients but has a dead lover, Avery, who only he can see but he can cause her to posess other people so they can be together. He also has a fairy sidekick that can grow in size. And apparently the fairy sidekick also energizes his weapons. Moo is also working with a police detective to get what he wants and is willing to work against Vescell.

Just way too much going on for a first issue. There is so much that it’s overwhelming. With so much going on and the grammatical errors it’s almost impossible to latch onto the story and find something enjoyable about it.

The script is bad, the pacing is off. Just not a well done comic.

And that doesn’t even get into the crudeness of it. It’s a mature rated comic, but it comes across as an thirteen year old’s version of “mature”.

The art is hit or miss. There’s some nice panels but overall it’s more miss. The storytelling is lacking but it’s hard to tell if it’s the aritst or the writer. Some sequences are hard to follow.

Vescell #1 receives
1 out of 5

Go find an editor, trim some ideas from the book, and try again.

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