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Haunt #17
Published on Saturday, September 3, 2011 by

The mystery surrounding the fused central characters still remains even as the creators hand off the comic. Haunt #19 has action, web swinging, mystical red monsters, even more mystical solutions, and as many Spiderman poses as can be squeezed into a non-Spiderman comic. It seems evident that when the new creators take over this book in two issues the mystery will still remain. At some point I’d love to read a clue on how much of the future of the book will be guided by Kirkman and McFarlane and how much the new creators can play with the characters. How much freedom will inheriting creative teams have?

This comic has fine action pacing, but the plot is sluggish.

I’m oddly concerned about when does Daniel go back to the house. He seems apologetic but he also visually doesn’t look congruent with the page before and the page after. It seems as if a page is out of order.

One of the big-bad-guys from the series seems to have an oddly quick death. Luckily, his demise points to a larger organization which could present more of a problem. I didn’t like the overly Kingpin character anyway. His oversized design seemed odd with the rest of the characters in the book. I’m glad he’s gone, but was shocked at how fast that seemed to happen.

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Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Greg Capullo

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