The GeeksverseI.C.E.: Immigration And Customs Enforcement #2

I.C.E.: Immigration And Customs Enforcement #2
Published on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 by

Written by: Doug Wagner
Art by: Jose Holder
Colored by: Michael Wiggam
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art: Brian Stelfreeze
Editor: Keven Gardner

I’m still not clear on the concept of this series. It’s supposed to be about an ICE unit but it comes across as just another SWAT team. Cole even tells another agent that his team isn’t cut out for this kind of mission. So the question then becomes why aren’t they involved in a mission that they are cut out for?

Morales is an illegal but it’s still not clear why Cole and his team were brought into it. It just created a big mess.

Is it because a series about a real ICE unit wouldn’t be as exciting or work as well? The characters themselves would still work as a SWAT type unit. All the same elements could be kept, just take them out of ICE and make them SWAT and the story would make alot more sense. As it is, there’s no identity to the team.

The opening part of the story is a bit jumbled. The action is hard to follow. Holder’s art doesn’t help as no one really stands out. The layouts make it a bit harder to follow the sequance of the story and action. The flow is off.

Holder’s art isn’t as good as past work from him. Alot of the characters look alike and it’s not just the opening sequance that is hard to follow.

The first issue of ICE was fairly solid, even with the lack of identity, but the second issue loses points because of that lack of identity. Wagner’s script is pretty strong, but the pacing is off. There’s also a pretty big logic hole. With Morales escaping, wouldn’t Cole have been notified? There seems to be a pretty big gap as well. Morales escapes the same day he was arrested, which is the same day that Cole has off, and Morales is able to find out who Cole is, where he lives, and arrange the ambush that ends the issue in hours?

I.C.E. #2 receives
3 out of 5

What should be a concept that seperates this from other tactical unit books, instead is very minor overall in the story.

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