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The Big Lie #1
Published on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 by

Written by: Rick Vietch
Art by: Rick Vietch w/ Gary Erskine
Cover Art: Thomas Yeates

This is a hard book to review. I think the timing of it has alot to do with it. With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 coming up, emotions are running high, and because of that it might hurt some of the objectiveness that goes into reviewing books. When reviewing a book you’re not supposed to be biased, you’re supposed to let each book stand on it’s own.

It’s kind of hard to do that with this book coming so close to September 11th. This book will definately cause some controversy, if it doesn’t get ignored completely, which is something that very well could happen.

The “big lie” of the book is the story that we’ve been told about what really happened on 9/11. The story hints that it was all directed by the government, or allowed, so that Bush would have his “pearl harber” and be able to invade Iraq.

Vietch has compiled some interesting “evidence”. Most of it I had never heard before. Things about military wargames that took the bulk of our forces out of the area, as well as standard operating procedure that wasn’t followed. The problem is that it’s hard to tell what is fact from what Vietch is trying to push as fact. Which is why I put evidence in quotes. I don’t spend alot of time looking into conspiracies, but I also don’t believe everything that the media says either.

I read a review copy and one of the first things I’ll do tomorrow when hit the store is see if the actual physical copies have a list of references in the back. That is what Vietch would need to help support his ideas, at least in my opinion. Where did he get this evidence from?

One of the biggest issues is that it reads like a conspiracy theory, and not one of the calmer ones. This comes across as one of the nutso ones that people read about, shake their heads and just move on. It’s almost too much.

The timing won’t help either. I can see alot of people skimming the story and just ignoring it, because of the tone. I do have to give some respect to Vietch for doing this book. It’s obvious he feels strongly about it, and feels very strongly in his theories about the truth.

Taking all the emotion out of the story and it is a well crafted one. The idea of someone coming back in time, presenting evidence that’s been unearthed, and having people in the Towers dissect it and work it through is very good. From that aspect it works very well. In this regards, Vietch presents the two sides of the equation, the “it can’t happen” and the “theories suggest it happened this way”. Using a risk management team, that thinks it’s an idea for a movie, is very sound as well.

From a technical standpoint the issue is very solid.

From a content standpoint? That’s something everyone will have to answer for themselves. For myself, I end up just filing it away as another conspiracy theory.

The Big Lie #1 receives

This book will either cause alot of controversy or be ignored completely.

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