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Vanguard #173/Savage Dragon #173
Published on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 by

Vanguard has replaced the Twisted Tales as the flip side back up story in the on going Savage Dragon for the past two issues. Unlike the nonsensical romps with Savage characters, Vanguard uses the characters to develop the continuity of the universe. This seems to be an improvement. Vanguard #173, the flip side to Savage Dragon #173 picks up the story of Vanguard post-Emperor Dragon and brings in characters that have not been seen since Vanguard #3. Wally wants to stay on Earth and Vanguard is in no hurry to return home. Both want to prolong their visit to Earth.

Savage Dragon #173 is another great Malcolm tale. Background characters abound as Dragon and Battle Girl take the fight to the streets. This is another issue where they have to deal with being brawling heroes. Leveling a building in a fight they deal with a newly orphaned youngster. Like all teenagers the pair of Malcolm Dragon and Battle Girl don’t seem quite ready to confront that part of being a hero.

The Church of the Savage Dragon is also mentioned. That is most likely a point that will be returned to in future Dragon comics. Having a church spring up in respect to a hero, like the Asgardian Cults that worshiped Thor in Marvel 2099, is an interesting angle. Since the original Dragon met God, and the Asgardians, it seems to make sense that a cult or religion would eventually follow.

This is another superb set of tales from Erik Larsen and company. I’m glad he’s back working on regular Dragon comics. Only Larsen would have a down skirt perspective, where the eye of the reader is somewhere up Battle Girl’s skirt looking out as she flies away from Malcolm. Innovation and good story telling make this a treat each month.

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