The GeeksverseQuick Thought Reviews For The Week Of 08/31/11

Quick Thought Reviews For The Week Of 08/31/11
Published on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 by

Another week of comics has come and gone. Hurricane Irene hit the east coast and knocked Troy’s power out for a couple of days. He’s got some reading to catch up on.

Uncanny X-Force #13
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Mark Brooks and Scot Eaton

Eaton’s pages look rushed. Not like his current standards. Brooks art is decent enough but it’s not dark enough for this story. There was a lack of emotional punch to the story. I find the AoA characters pretty annoying, glad to be rid of them.

Uncanny X-Force #14
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Jerome Opena

Where did this Akabba City come from? I missed alot of the Apocalypse related stuff with Chamber and the Akabba Clan but I didn’t know there was a whole city. How old is Genocide? If he’s the son of En Sabah Nur he can’t be that old. The whole trip to the AoA universe seems like an overly convoluted side story.

Snake Eyes #4
Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Robert Atkins

What was the point of having Iceberg and Alpine there? Their part of the story was just filler. Helix and SE just laid waste to everyone in sight. What a waste of Khallikhan. Art was good. Some nice pages but some not so nice. Atkins had an issue drawing Alpine’s moustache.

Justice Society of America #54
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Penciled by: Jerry Ordway

At least Guggenheim’s horrible run on JSA is at an end. Horrible end to a horrible run.

The Punisher #2
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Marco Checchetto

The bit with chasing Liam around is a tad confusing and hard to follow. I like how Rucka isn’t having the Punisher talk. He’s a presence in the book but we don’t follow the book through his eyes. It’s an interesting way to handle it.

The Sixth Gun #14
Published by: Oni Press
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Tyler Crook

Interesting story. A whole issue devoted to a character that we’ve only seen in a couple of panels. Adds alot of depth to Asher Cobb though. Feel bad for the man. Crook does good as a fill-in artist. His style is close to Hurtts but different enough.

Locke & Key: Clockworks #2
Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Joe Hill
Art by: Gabriel Rodriguez

Not the strongest issue of Locke & Key but a well plotted one. Seeing the use of the Head Key and what was in Tyler’s head was nice. Hill does a remarkable job with this series and he and Rodriguez work so well together.

Kick-Ass 2 #3
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Mark Millar
Penciled by: John Romita Jr.

I think JR JR is saving his best work for this series and not the Avengers. His art here is good. His art on the Avengers is bad. I like the real world angle with having the “super heroes” do other things to help out in the community. Giving away the money was a nice touch. A bit overboard with Red Mist’s gang though.

Mystery Men #4
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: David Liss
Art by: Patrick Zircher

This mini-series started off good. Still not sure what the connection to the MU is, if there is even one. Each issue this series has gotten worse and worse. It could have been alot shorter. Zircher’s art is good but the story isn’t allowing him to showcase his talents.

The Intrepids #6
Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by: Scott Kowalchuk

A little too quickly paced after the set up of the previous issues. Comes together and ends too fast. That Dante was going to be bad was fairly obvious. Sets the series up for an interesting new beginning. Not as strong in art or story as previous issues.

FF #8
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Steve Epting

I love Epting’s art. I always have. One of my top five favorites of all time. Loving Hickman’s story. He’s got alot of pieces in play and it’ll be interesting to see how it all works out.

Astonishing X-Men #41
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Daniel Way
Art by: Nick Bradshaw

I like Bradshaw’s art. His Wolverine is pretty good but his style is only good for certain kinds of stories. It worked for this one, not sure what else it will work for. I hated that Marvel started alternating this storyline with the other. Makes for fractured reading. Monstrous was a decent little story.

The Bionic Man #1
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Written by: Kevin Smith and Phil Hester
Art by: Jonathan Lau

Yeah, this is a Smith comic. There’s plenty of junior high humor. Besides the fart jokes, the story is decent enough. Bit odd that it doesn’t even end with Austin becoming the Bionic Man. Seems like it’ll be a long build up. I’m not sure if it’s good enough to warrant the second issue. Lau’s art is pretty nice though.

X-Men #16
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Victor Gischler
Art by: Jorge Molina

Good looking book by Molina. I like the most of the story but it’s kind of odd how Reed just defers to Cyclops so easily. Where’s the biting banter between Nemesis and Reed that we saw during Messiah Complex? And the cover shows Doom and Magneto but both have barely any role in this.

Captain America And Bucky #621
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Ed Brubaker & Marc Andreyko
Art by: Chris Samnee

Interesting series. It’s kind of cool to see the really early days of Cap and Bucky. Not Samnee’s strongest art. Alot of it looks rushed. I’m interested in seeing where this goes and how it connects to the present. I’m thinking this is a last will/letter that Bucky wrote and it’s being read by the Black Widow or Cap.

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