The GeeksverseThe Last Members Of The X-Teams Revealed

The Last Members Of The X-Teams Revealed
Published on Friday, September 9, 2011 by

Yesterday and today saw Marvel releasing teasers that unveiled the last of the shadows. The full line-up of all the teams are now revealed.

Wolverine’s side of the split was rounded up with Fantomex back on X-Force.

Who is that flying behind Wolverine in the schoolgirl outfit?

Rachel Summers is back from space and joining Rogue in the Legacy team. Also returning from space and joining Havok in X-Factor is Polaris. Madrox and Longshot round out the rest of the large cast of X-Factor.

Kenji is revealed for Generation X.

Dominoe is going to be part of Jubilee’s group of X-Men.

Magneto remains in Uncanny X-Men and Magma and Cypher are revealed as the last members of the New Mutants.

Go to the Pryde’s forums and join the discussion on the X-Men’s regenesis.

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