The GeeksverseDC’s The New 52 Quick Thought Reviews – 09/07/11

DC’s The New 52 Quick Thought Reviews – 09/07/11
Published on Saturday, September 10, 2011 by

We’re trying to cover as many of the new DC books as we can. Some get the full blown treatment and other’s are only worthy of a couple of quick thoughts.

Hawk And Dove #1
Written by: Sterling Gates
Art by: Rob Liefeld

The story carries over some elements from Brightest Day, mostly Dove’s relationship with Deadman. For an avatar of peace, keeping secrets from her partner doesn’t seem like something Dove would do. It’s hinted that they’ve been working together for awhile, but it doesn’t come across that way. It comes across as if they’ve just started working as a team.

Which is again the weirdness of the relaunch creeping up.

Liefeld’s art is horrible, even for him. This is his work at it’s worst. Characters appear to be smiling when they shouldn’t be. They all have that Liefeld-Grimace. Deadman seems to be missing a big “D” that is normally on his chest.

I see this as being one of the first casualties. I know I won’t be picking up the second issue.

Hawk & Dove #1 receives
2 out of 5

Justice League International #1
Written by: Dan Jurgens
Penciled by: Aaron Lopresti
Inked by: Matt Ryan

Definately an odd way to start this series off. An interesting collection of characters. Batman appearing and not officially being on the team just doesn’t work. How is the UN not going to know Batman is there and how are the others not going to look towards him as the leader? Booster just doesn’t have the presence that Batman does.

And Booster is already in way over his head. He comes across as treading water. The set up is just odd. Meeting the head of UN Intelligence the way we did was just bad writing. If those three UN reps are high enough to authorize the creation of the JLI, then they would be high enough to know who the head of UN Intelligence (is there even such a thing) is on sight. Just a clunky method of introducing him.

The story moves too fast. We don’t get to know any of the characters. They talk and banter and that’s it. Who is Godiva and what does she do? Being that even in Flashpoint she didn’t get to do much, this would have been the perfect time to show us who she is and what she can do. We don’t even get to see powers get used in this issue.

Lopresti’s art is as solid as normal.

Animal Man #1
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Penciled by: Travel Foreman
Inked by: Dan Green

This was one of the titles that I was pretty iffy on. I’ve always liked Animal Man’s appearances when I had seen him in other books before. I hadn’t followed or read what had gone on with the character over in Vertigo. I always liked that he had a very stable and loving family, something that a super hero very rarely had. So I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to pick this up.

I’m still not sure. It’s not bad by any stretch. It was actually a well done story. We got a big dose of his family and him in action. Lemire does a good job setting up the personality and providing those connections to this wife and his celebrity status.

The art by Foreman was pretty good. A little sparse in areas, but over all had a nice feel to it. The layouts were definately unique.

It just failed to grab my attention. The only thing that makes me think about picking up the next issue is the last page. And that’s because I’m more curious what’s going on with his daughter then I am with Animal Man himself.

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