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Static Shock #1
Published on Saturday, September 10, 2011 by

This week New York has a new teenage hero working undercover at the local science workshop, not a spider Marvel, but instead a transplant from Dakota: Static debuts in Static Shock #1. Static is a remnant of Dwayne McDuffie’s Milestone imprint at DC from the 90s, but most readers probably know Dakota’s boom baby from his TV show run.

DC is pushing Static Shock as one of the 52 #1s to launch as part of the latest DC event. THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has the scoop about Harlem’s newest hero, with interviews with writer John Rozum and co-writer and artist Scott McDaniel.

Said Rozum, “Static’s adventures take him all over New York City and elsewhere. Virgil and his family live in Harlem, his school’s in Harlem, and as he makes friends, they’ll all be in Harlem as well, so this will really be his neighborhood and the background of his life.” Adds McDaniel about the character of Static, “That yearning to stand against the tide of evil, to refuse to sink into despair, to seek justice with all your human might, to devote yourself to something so completely that you become the best there is, are all themes that many people can relate to in their own lives.”

Florida’s largest newspaper, the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, had a feature interview with writer Eric Wallace (MISTER TERRIFIC) about the diverse line-up in DC Comics ­The New 52.

According to Wallace, “Comic books, just like every other medium, need to start reflecting the audience that is consuming the medium. It’s like being 14 again, because we’re creating the book the 14-year-old boy inside me has always wanted to read.”

I’m not generally interested in company wide events and steer clear. However, the sight of Static on the cover again lured me in. I didn’t read the original Static comics. Like many, I know him from the TV show where Virgil lived in Dakota and only occasionally interacted with the Justice League (he idolized the Green Lantern a fellow African American that had similar power manifestation).

This new comic is similar to the Static that I know. Aged beyond his teenage years Virgil and his family have left Dakota and moved to Harlem. Static has a new day job at S.T.A.R. labs but still moonlights as hero with a new outfit. The new look is an update to his original teen suit but still has the same flavor. It’s a nice redesign.

Static is paired up with another Milestone throwback, which only appears on the computer screen in this episode, but it is clear that Hardware is bank rolling Statics moves and will show up eventually to help out.

Hawkman get mentioned but only Static and Hardware appear in this issue. Thus far Static is on the peripheral edge of the DC universe where I would like to keep him.

This issue is clear, well developed, and moves well to introduce the heroes and villains. This is a great jumping on point for new readers and returning TV fans. This is a clear extension of the TV Static and leaves behind the Malcolm X capped comic version. Like the recent Batman Beyond run, and Darkwing Duck at Boom!, this is a new start for an old favorite. The original TV fans for those properties are hitting their late 20s and early 30s. It looks like the companies are going to try aggressively to draw them, and their families, back into comic reading. This is a good start. Like the short-lived, to soon be restarted, Batman Beyond Static Shock will become part of my regular reading routine.

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Check out #1 and then watch for Static Shock #2:
On sale OCTOBER 5
In the next issue, Static finds himself the target of dark forces as Virule and the Slate Gang unleash their deadly trap! Will Static’s debut end before it has even started?

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