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Monster Mash 2011
Published on Sunday, September 11, 2011 by

October 2011 sees a new Monster on the Halloween aisles. At target my wife and I spotted a five eyed potato pal. What first caught our consumer’s eye and interest was the five eye, closer inspection found new arm molds, new feet molds, new hair piece, new mouth style, and more than enough reasons to buy the new twist on the Halloween Hasbro.

Five Eyed Fry Guy

We whole heartedly picked up this newest part changing pal. Monster Mash is full of brand new parts. From the top down: The hair reminds me of Littlest Monster, the 80s/90s stuffed pal. The ears are reminiscent of Yoda, but aren’t since Mashter Yoda’s ears were part of his hair piece. The batwings are not leathery at all. The five eyes are grand. The new arm sculpts remind me of Bela Lugosi’s monster posture. The nose is a fairly stock Mr. Potato piece (and the most generic piece about Monster Mash). The teeth are full of painted flat teeth. The feet, with slight torso, give this tater a Frankenstein boost in Frankenstein monster boots. 10 new parts!

Custom Tater builders should salivate over 10 new parts.

Opening the Potato Pal, I realized that Monster mash is slightly slimmer than other full sized spuds in my collection. Is this the first of the slimmed down 2011 molds to hit retail? I haven’t spotted the slimmer spuds at retail before even though they were touted at the 2011 International Toy Fair in February.

The body is only slightly slimmer than previous potatoes and not as drastic as I was expecting from earlier released photos. The legs make the body slimmer because of the extra height. I wasn’t sure if this was the slimmer body, but looking at it closely revealed several new components that set it apart from previous potatoes. The next body change to jump out at me is the extra set of holes on the side. Instead of four side holes (two on each) this body has six (three on each) which allows ears, wings, and arms to all be displayed. The hat slot, which has always been a hole, is now a front to back slot. That makes the wig push forward and backward with a smaller tilt tract than the feet.

Pulling the potato apart out of the packaging reveals standard nose and eye holds on the front. However, the mouth hole is now a smile shape slot which allows the mouth to slide off kilter.

The back of the potato still has the storage flap. Now it also has four holes for components.

This is an all-new potato body.

Trick or Tater

Tricked out as a Ghost Tater

This is not the first holiday themed Mr. Potato Head. Easter Bunny eared and Santa Spuds have been sold in the past few years. Both also had a ton of neat parts including bunny slippers and beards. The ghost of Halloween past was embodied by Trick-or-Tater which was packaged with a ghost costume. Monster Mash is just as cool as the Trick-or-Tater even with less parts and less combination possibilities. Combining both Hasbro Halloween options should have fun possibilities.

Monster Mash is a fun toy for kids of all ages. This is a great introduction to the new potato bodies. To mash the Reading Rainbow quote, “Don’t take my word for it, go get one of your own.”

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