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Godzilla: G&G #4
Published on Monday, September 12, 2011 by

I respect the challenge of writing stories that revolve around Godzilla smash! I’m glad that he’s featured in mini series because an on going series would be odd and streched thin quickly. As proof, this John Layman penned latest version of Godzilla started off strong but has hit a creative wall in the third issue. The third issue hit the Godzilla smash point.

This story deals with undercover cops, police corruption, and mobsters that have an on going struggle which then folds in Mothra. The well meaning cop has lost control and lost the Elias. Now Mothra and the other monsters are wrecking havoc. In this issue the priests that protect the Elias try to show up and retrieve the balance but that doesn’t work out well. Two male characters that don’t like each other are now trying to have an uneasy alliance.

The art is great.

The cast of monsters is robust.

The story just stalled. Will the mechanical Godzilla be able to revive the story?

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