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Hack/Slash #7
Published on Monday, September 12, 2011 by

The Pryde forum has discussed if printing the same character in several concurrent series deludes the character and stretches the fan base. At this point Cassie Hack is in her on-going Image title, a Dynamite mini-series cross-over, and pops up from time to time in other places. In one issues she’s in Detroit smashing werewolves alongside of the Ghosts and in the next she’s plagued by a celebakiller. Is it an overload of baseball bat swinging Cassie Hack?

In the seventh regular Image comic, one aspect that keeps this story moving is the supporting cast. This is a good issue for Vlad. He’s separate from Cassie at the moment because he can’t go undercover as a pop hang around. Vlad is figuring out the Nef problem on his own as he’s stalked by odd killers. Poochie and the time warped teen detective also confront a feeling of Nef (or being horny). While Cassie is still having small interactions with her supporting cast they are moving well on their own.

This is an issue that makes Nef make sense for the new readers. It is finally well explained since it is getting more than a single page in this issue.

The monster of the issue, Stillborn, a harbinger of Nef lays out the plot for Cassie in a version of a rape scene. This issue doesn’t show Cassie at her strongest. Instead she seems to be a victim here. This is a different take from the other many depictions of the character on the comic shop shelf at the moment. Seeley isn’t afraid to put her in jeopardy, knowing that her vulnerability ultimately makes her strength mean more.

The art and coloring work well together in this issue. In a comic which has copious upskirt shots, the art and coloring in this issue make underwear look absolutely thin and flimsy.

FAME MONSTER,’ Part Two It’s not easy being a pampered, useless celebrity. Cassie and Vlad must protect an American idol from his insane fans, a bloodthirsty killer, and horrific entities intent on enslaving humanity. Blood, skin and paparazzi rule in ‘FAME MONSTER’

Tim Seeley (writer), Daniel Leister (artist), Mark Englert (colorist), Crank! (letterer)

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B Cover by Emily Stone

Also up soon is this week’s release of Hack/Slash vol 9: Torture Prone

Description: The hit new ongoing series from Image is collected! In a dark future ruled by the Murder Messiah, street witch Liberty Lochs is on a mission to change the past. Meanwhile, horror heroes Cassie Hack & Vlad must contend with an obsessive serial killer, and a duo of slashers they thought they’d already put down. This epic collection sets the staus quo for Cass & Vlad’s new adventures. Collects HACK/SLASH ANNUAL #2 and HACK/SLASH #1-4

Don’t forget to check out Tim Seeley’s wielding of Witchblade in issue #151.

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