The GeeksverseSpaced Warped Strikes Back #3 (of 6) Advanced Review

Spaced Warped Strikes Back #3 (of 6) Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by

George Lucas either excited or disappointed fans recently when it was announced that another revamped version of Star Wars loomed on the horizon. Depending on your avidity of Star Wars love will dictate if you buy yet another “remastered” product or shuffle away from dumping money into more DVDs of the once classic franchise. To many, Lucas has become a parody of himself. He is reworking and exhausting one of his many fine products and manipulating his legacy, although not necessarily for the better.

When Lucas becomes a parody of himself then other parodies of the epic franchise become redundant.

Now that the joke may usher a groan, Spaced Warped #3 strikes back. In the tradition of Robot Chicken: Star Wars, Family Guy: Star Wars, and Spaceballs, comes this geeky spoof of the master sci-fi epic. The next chapter in this saga begins here, again, sequelling the first installment, as the fan-pleasing romp skewers the films. Like reading a Mad Magazine parody page that just keeps flipping, Spaced Warp is striking with love and hilarity across the page.

Is this loving romp through the archetypes and geeky jokes still relevant now that Lucas has offered another release? Only if you’re still considering making Star Wars a movie night. Fans that have been disenfranchised with the epic redoing should groan quietly elsewhere. Spaced Warped is a pleasant treat for those who can take their Spaceballs as a well intentioned nod to the original.

And in a few years, I thoroughly hope they’ll redraw the faces and release another issue. Not because they need to be redone, because they don’t, but just because that would parallel the franchise.

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