The GeeksverseSuper Dino #4-Advanced Review

Super Dino #4-Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by

Forced light beam sticks, floor doors, missile toting dinosaurs, swords and flying around on hover robots… the all ages Kirkman story seems to have just about everything an 80s toy could possibly be packaged with as a gimmick. Especially at the last page with the final reveal.

Maximus finally reveals the secretive Project X and SD’s crew has a few surprises up their metal sleeves in response.

Bases are revealed and the fighting is close to home.

The supporting cast seems weak in this book thus far. The SD lab has a feeble old scientist that is struggling to be viable and the new engineers brought in to build. The newer engineering parents function as dues ex machina providing the solution to every problem and building (or having conveniently just built) day saving gadgets. The two daughters round out the SD ensemble with one girl loving the isolation and adventure and the other just wanting to go home. While this is a varied cast it is also a little used cast. More time could be spent developing their relationship to each other, but instead pages are filled with fighting dinosaurs.

Not that there is anything wrong with fighting dinosaurs.

This is an auspicious title that is trying to be an all ages all ages book. It is going to need to pick up character development to make that a reality. This series started off strong by introducing this zany cast but now more time is needed to develop them. Although, this fast pace, non-character driven first four issues can’t be criticized for being slow to start (as was Astounding Wolfman and Walking Dead).

Otherwise, what is not to love? It is a dinosaur-sci-fi fighting book. Take that TerraNova! Until they mount rockets on those raptors it can’t be this cool! At some point a picture(s) should surface with a young Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard posing with DinoRiders or at least the new Fisher-Price descendants, Imaginext Dinosaurs.

Jason Howard continues to excel at the cartoony style that was ironic in Astounding Wolfman yet right at home here in Super Dinosaur.

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