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Looking At The Market #2: August
Published on Thursday, September 15, 2011 by

Let’s get this out of the way first:

Did anyone seriously think that Justice League wasn’t going to do well? Did anyone think that it wouldn’t claim the top spot?

It was pretty obvious that JL would do good. Did it do exceptional? Sales are estimated at 171,344 (which is a good margin below the 200,000 that DC has said it sold, that is alot of 2nd printings). July’s #1 book, Amazing Spider-Man #666, sold 135,564 copies. Not a huge difference but pretty big. It was an exceptional increase compared to the last issue of the previous volume of Justice League. #59 sold 43,544 copies and #60 sold 42,587.

So compared to the previous volumes the new Justice League was exceptional.

And we all know that DC will dominate the sales charts for September. Thats another obvious one. They can claim that the New 52 is a success all they want but the real truth of it will come when issues #4 start hitting the shelves. Those books will be the real indication of how well the relaunch is doing.

#1s always get a boost and because of the way Previews works, people won’t have read #1 by the time #3 is ordered. #2 and 3 come “sight unseen”. So #2 and 3 will probably decline in sales, #1s always get a spike remember, but the real barometer will be how the series rank when #4 and 5 come out.

Flashpoint got a decent boost from the relaunch. I expect many people picked up #5 to see how the new universe got it’s start. #3 was at 86,004 (still good enough to make it the 4th highest book last month) and #4 came in at 86,216 (and again ranked at 4th). The last issue of the event came in at 2nd place this month with 94,547 copies.

Fear Itself has been steadily losing readers. #5 came in at 90,914 copies with #4 at 93,342 and #3 at 99,501.

Flashpoint picked up modest increases from #3 to #4, but is that an indication of the story’s quality or people curious to see how the new DCU gets formed?

I think both Marvel and DC should shy away from starting their events with the letter F. It’s a forecast of the eventual grade.

Everyone always talks about the spike in sales thanks to being a first issue, and the folks at DC should pay attention to this, but want some evidence of it?

Captain America #1 came in at 96,623 and that was good enough to be ranked 2nd last month. This month? It took a major dive and came in at 12th with 54,384 copies.

Daredevil #1, in July, was ranked 6th (64,864) and in August the second issue fell to 32nd (40,990).

Captain America And Bucky #620 was ranked 23rd (51,185) in July and the August issue, #621, came in at 45th (36,069). Technically this would qualify as experiencing a first issue spike.

This isn’t Marvel alone. Avatar’s Wargoddess dropped 2600 copies from #0 to #1, Boom’s Elric dropped 3600 from #1 to #2 and IDW’s Locke & Key: Clockworks dropped 3450 copies from first to second issue sales.

So DC really shouldn’t be that happy or pronouncing the New 52 a success quite yet.

And by the way, the bump that Amazing Spider-Man got with the Spider-Island event? The second part of it, #667, came in at 71,235. It dropped by almost 50%.

IDW’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series did pretty good, coming in at 48th with 34,803 copies. That was IDWs highest selling book that month and also the only none Marvel or DC book in the top 50. The next one was The Walking Dead at 51st.

IDW’s Cobra dropped completely off the list. I hope this means that the 4th issue missed the cut off for the August listing. We’ll find out when next month’s listings come out.

Besides Flashpoint, nothing else really saw a big increase in sales. Incredible Hulks got a jump of 10,900 copies but then it was the last issue so that makes sense. Teen Titans #100 got a similar boost as Hulks for the same reasons. Generation Hope #10 saw an increase, but was that because of the connection to Schism? Most likely. Black Panther, Artifacts, Hellraiser, Planet Of The Apes, Sonic The Hedgehog and Chronicles Of Wormwood all saw small (couple hundred copies) jumps but nothing remarkable.

Most books took drops. Which is not a good sign for the industry as a whole.

The rankings are available on Diamond’s site. The copies sold is available in CBR’s analysis. This was just my take on what I saw.

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