The GeeksverseDC’s The New 52 Quick Thoughts Reviews For 09/14/11

DC’s The New 52 Quick Thoughts Reviews For 09/14/11
Published on Monday, September 19, 2011 by

DC has alot of books coming out. Some get the full review treatment and some get quick thoughts.

Suicide Squad #1
Written by: Adam Glass
Art by: Federico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty & Scott Hanna

This is definately not for the squamish. It’s an odd set-up and parts of it make no sense. One of the things that made the original Suicide Squad so good was the contrast between the Squaders in gear and out. In this story they’re shown in prison in their costumes. Which makes no sense. The torture sequance is a nice touch, but it goes overboard. Would they really allow the torturers do run the risk of being hurt? That seems counter-productive especially when it’s revealed that they work for Waller.

Also, make Waller short and fat again. That was a defining characteristic of her. Making her just another good looking comic babe doesn’t help her character at all.

Deadshot looks horrible. Ditch the armor.

This doesn’t measure up to the original Squad.

Suicide Squad #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

Deathstroke #1
Written by: Kyle Higgins
Penciled by: Joe Bennett
Inked by: Art Thibert

First off, what is up with the armor on Slade? It’s ridiculous. It looks bad. It’s bulky, too bulky for a guy that fights like Slade does.

As for the rest of it, huh?

That’s all I can say. The story was confusing. Slade’s “agent” keeps calling him the ultimate bad-ass and he gets hired for a job but in the end it turns out that the clients wanted the kids because they didn’t think Slade could hack it anymore.

Because he’s taken a couple of bodyguard jobs?

That makes no sense.

Neither does the targets having a briefcase with a message for Slade. The path to get it all connected is pretty confusing. It hurts the head to try to connect the dots.

There’s also some big moments that are just overboard. Slade jumping from moving plane to moving plane, landing close enough that he can use his giant ass sword (Cable would be proud) to walk across the plane’s hull to the door and he’s able to pull it open and get in. Way too overboard. And why didn’t the cabin depressurize once the door was ripped off?

Also, aren’t hollow point bullets armor piercing? Some weapons expert. She says he’s more of an “armor piercing” kind of guy but says she switches out his ammo so the bullets won’t pierce the hull. Yet she says she switched out his original ammor for armor piercing?

Deathstroke #1 receives
1 out of 5


Legion Lost #1
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Fabien Nicieza
Art by: Pete Woods

This title is not new reader accessible at all. Then again, it’s not old reader accessible much either. The story counts on the reader having knowledge of who these characters were before the relaunch.

There isn’t any mention of the Legion of Super-Heroes. When you introduce a character you should give their name. It’s confusing who Timber Wolf is. He’s called Wolf, Brin, Londo and even “he used to be called Lone Wolf”. How is a new reader supposed to know who that is?

How are they supposed to know what is going on. There’s barely even a mention that this group is from the future. We get stuff about the time bubble and that’s it. Apparently they are hunting for this Alastor guy and are afraid that he’ll release a pathogen into the atmosphere. We don’t get a single clue about why we should be caring.

I normally like Nicieza’s work, but this issue was just not interesting at all.

Awesome Pete Woods artwork though.

Legion Lost #1 receives
1 out of 5

No new reader will be able to get into this and it counts on the old reader’s familiarity with the characters but still doesn’t tell a good story.

Mister Terrific #1
Written by: Eric Wallace
Penciled by: Gianluca Gugliotta

I’ve always liked Michael Holt, Mister Terrific. One of my favorite JSAers. But this new version?

I can’t stand it.

What a horrible issue. This was just bad on all fronts. The script is bad, the plot is bad. Major emphasis on race when it doesn’t need to be there. Also seems to be pushing a political agenda. What was meant by that comment “And I’m a black woman, which means I’m built to handle things you cant even imagine or never had to.”? Just an odd thing to come out in the middle of the issue.

Our first introduction to Karen Starr is as she’s in Michael’s apartment, with him shirtless, and she’s wearing just a t-shirt. Then she says they’re just friends and he says he can’t let anyone get close no matter how lonely. The first scene hinted that they had been sleeping together and then it says they hadn’t.

And Holt’s still the thirst smartest man? He sure doesn’t sound like it or act like it. And his identity is secret, so wouldn’t that mean Michael Holt, and not Mister Terrific, is the third smartest man?
Mr. Terrific #1 receives
1 out of 5

Nothing good about this comic at all.

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