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Ghost Rider: Fear Itself #3/4
Published on Monday, September 19, 2011 by

Ghooost Rider in Spaaaaacceeee! At least that is where Adam and the new female Ghost Rider are heading in this story. How will the flaming head work in a vacuum?

This was not disappointing because I had low expectations. When I bought it the clerk sounded excited because she hadn’t checked it out yet. She liked that Ghost Rider was a woman. Eh. Johnny Blaze is trying to kill her or stop the Ghost Rider. Is she evil? No, just naive. It is a nice design with a weak story that just doesn’t matter long term.

Johnny Blaze’s dialogue is less annoying in this third issue. The Seeker’s dialogue is more annoying in this issue. Seeker is a zombie and a Ghost Rider fan that finally gets to clamber on board the bike.

The Avengers tie-in seems unnecessary. Sure, this is part of Fear Itself but basically the misc Avengers cameo points out that something bad just happened. We just watched the Ghost Rider equivalent of a nuke happen and wipe out the sin from an entire area. Did we need Ms Marvel to say that’s bad? Probably not.

The one interesting factor is that Black Adam and the new Ghost Rider are exploring new powers for flame head. Apparently Blaze never quite used the entire potential of the rider.

Probably the best part of the book, for me, is the HD add on the back and the ad for the Cap America sweepstakes HD inside. Those are funny since they drew the Blaze and GR bikes as non-HDs this issues. The inconsistent motorcycle drawing typically bothers me. Being a GR artist should come with a model motorcycle to use as a reference. In this issue it is funny since Marvel sold HD add space.

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