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Legion Of Super-Heroes #1
Published on Friday, September 23, 2011 by

Written by: Paul Levitz
Art: Francis Portela
Colored by: Javier Mena
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Cover Art: Karl Kerschl
Editor: Chris Conroy

When the New 52 was announced I stopped reading some of the DC titles I had been. I figured why bother wasting the money as the storylines weren’t going to matter anyways or they’d have hastily conceived endings to them.

I should have continued reading Legion of Super-Heroes. Maybe then I’d have an idea what was going on.

Yes, this new “relaunch” is that closely tied to the last LoSH series (which only got to around 12 issues before the New 52 hit). If you hadn’t read those, you’d be at a complete loss with what is going on in this issue. There are so many mentions of previous events without anything being filled in that it’s almost impossible to get into this story.

Who is Colossus Boy’s wife? There’s an editor’s note that to learn her fate, he thinks she died, we have to read Legion Lost. Legion Lost is one of the new 52 books. So to even understand what a comment means in this story you have to read another book, and yet that other book doesn’t explain the comment as there isn’t even any mention of one of those members being C-Boy’s wife.

It’s rather confusing.

Levitz doesn’t explain anything about who the LoSH are. This issue goes completely against the “get new readers” mentality that the new 52 is supposed to represent. This issue is aimed at those who already know who the LoSH are and who read the previous Levitz-penned series.

There’s also some confusing statements. Mon-El says that the Legion roster is done alot and that’s why they called up the Legion Academy kids. Yet those of us that know about the LoSH know there’s something like 2 dozen members. What happened to make the roster that thing and why isn’t any of those events rehashed for us?

And what does Dream Girl mean by the Flashpoint effect?

There is just too much going on that we are expected to already have knowledge of, that it makes it hard to enjoy the issue.

Portela’s art is nice though. He’s got a nice and clean style. Crisp and sharp linework. There’s some perspective issues, minor though, and some odd poses for the characters (especially the last page where it looks like he just ran out of room). But overall he does a good job and he handles the large cast well, each character being unique.

Legion of Super-Heroes receives
2 out of 5

Not very reader friendly at all. Why bother relaunching this title when it’s a direct continuation of the previous series?

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