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Cobra #5-Review
Published on Sunday, September 25, 2011 by

Who will be the next Cobra Commander? That is still an ongoing question in Cobras Civil War.

In this season of restarts, lest we not forget that some series are still going strong. Or at least still going. Season 2 of IDW’s G.I Joe is still going. Joes aren’t dying this issue but allegiances are being clarified and the future of both Joe and Cobra seems uncertain.

After recent attacks on the Joes are going fully mobile. They’re clearing the base.

Cobra is still preparing for the next strike. Bludd unveils his plan for the new direction of Cobra. He’s finally thinking in business terms and seeing a new day on the horizon. It is still unclear who will be the next Cobra Commander even if the contenders are plotting away.

Overall, this is a fine issue that is dedicated to recapping more than clarification. I agree with that it feels like we just received a new issue of this book. Partially that comes from the week after week installments of season 2. In itself that is not bad. Since this book reads like a recap and offers little new material it starts to feel like they are rushing production ahead of story. Although I don’t agree with GeekHardShow that this is a strong continuation. The characterization on a few of the characters may be nice, but overall this just seems slow and talky.

I’m a fan of Robert Kirkman talky Walking Dead sequences. Those provide new information and take the place of back story flash backs. In this case the talky pages recap a version of what we just read, an altered version which is important, but which we did not need in the entirety.

Is Chameleon a strong enough character to carry this issue with only a few dedicated pages? I don’t think she is the anti-Chuckles or the antithesis of Chuckles. Instead she reads like a fake Baroness. Cultured but gratuitously robed. Perhaps her character will pay off soon and cause us to think back on this fondly.

The art makes Chameleon unclear. It makes all of the characters blur together. The art looks like Fuzo here even though it is by Werther Dell’edera. Dan Duncan’s similar art on Turtles seems to work better. Perhaps it is because I’m partial to S.L. Gallant Joe art.

Luckily this issue wasn’t flushed with ninjas. Steeler’s story could have clarified a few hanging chads but doesn’t.

Overall, I’m just waiting for the next issue. Hopefully it will come soon and move toward the answer who will be the next Cobra Commander?

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