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TMNT #2-review
Published on Sunday, September 25, 2011 by

Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 is as strong as the first. This series is off to a great start overall.

Dan Duncan’s art makes all of the turtles look alike, but that seems fitting since they’re all wearing the red bandannas. Duncan’s art looks like the art for IDW’s ongoing Cobra series. On Cobra I think Fuso’s art makes the characters hard to discern from each other which is problematic given the size and variety inherent in the Joe cast. Duncan has a smaller cast so far and portions are intentionally similar. Casey Jones will never be confused for Leonardo so this art style seems a better fit.

The story picks up where the last issue left off. Casey Jones and the nameless Raphael. The brothers and Splinter discussing their search. The flash back to April O’Neal in the lab and a nice introduction of masked ninjas and Ole Hob.

My only complaint thus far with this series is the timeline. 18 months seemed to have passed between April O’Neal losing four turtles and a rat, with familiar names, in the lab and the show down with Hob and the street gang. That makes these turtles seem more Toddlers moreso than Teenagers.

The pizza eating is there but understated like in the newer CGI TMNT.

Everyone seems to have their own thoughts on this issue. So should you. Discuss the new Turtle relaunch.

So until the micro-series Rapheal launches in November this is the only Turtles we have available, so savor it. Luckily, on the 16th the green machine universe spreads to include a little more coverage and pages of the IDW’s turtle verse.

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