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The Guild: Clara
Published on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 by

As a casual Guild-y, I have enjoyed Felicia Day’s vision moving to the comic page. Unfortunately, the latest one shot installment takes a character that I grinned at and created a character that I now loathe. I’m not sure that was the intent.

A mother of three, or maybe five, Clara is the Knights of Good’s most irresponsible and hedonistic member. When Clara’s husband overhears her scheduling seventy-eight hours of game time, he hides the computer until she agrees to help him around the house, leading her to uncover a box of mementos from her past. What follows is a bizarre trip down memory lane for Clara.

I realize fully that Clara embodies irresponsible on-line behavior. In the webisodes it has referenced that she should be other places doing other things. Clearly her online persona take precedence over her kids. However, when it was presented as the focal point of the story, as it was here, that relationship–or lack of relationship–became unbearable.

This book suffers from having an unbalanced amount of Clara. Sure, it’s Clara’s one shot, but in the other tales the online world was always present to balance out real life. In this case, the online world is removed for the majority of the book and can only move in the real world. Clara’s real world existence is sad because it is true for too many. For want of a blinky internet thing Clara is stuck in her real life. The real life Clara is unlikable. Her husband ultimately has to come to gripes with her apathy. It’s painful.

Surprisingly, the other grump characters were understandable if not likable. Somehow this was not so with Clara.

Writer: Felicia Day, Kim Evey
Artist: Ron Chan
Cover Artist: Howard Chaykin

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