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Brilliant #1
Published on Thursday, September 29, 2011 by

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled by: Mark Bagley
Inked by: Joe Rubenstein
Colored by: Nick Filardi
Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Art: Mark Bagley w/ Rubenstein and Filardi
Editor: Jennifer Grunwald

Usually the strength of a book written by Bendis is in the dialogue, specifically the banter between characters. Which makes this comic surprising because that banter between characters is the worst part of it.

And that means a lot because this is a bad comic.

First off, it’s boring. It’s rambling. Alot of pages are spent on this party for a kid named Albert who seems to be returning somewhere. We have to assume it’s a college of some kind but we’re never really told. We get hints, kids talking about majors and living in dorms and on campus, but we’re never told where these kids are.

We get hints that they’re a bunch of friends and that they are smart. We learn that Albert had left for a semester and is now returning. And this is where things start to break down. It reads like the reason he left was because he broke up with some girl. And that girl shows up at his party and yells at her new boyfriend that the new guy isn’t half the man that Albert is because Albert took a semester off because of her. It’s all kind of confusing.

And is Albert really gay? Because his relationship, and longing glances, with Kiadred (I think that’s his name, it’s hard to tell because the special lettering given to his name is impossible to read) and banter makes it seem like the two are gay and just haven’t acted on it yet. It’s kind of odd. I don’t mean that there’s anything wrong if it is true, but everytime the two are on a page together it actually is a little creepy.

The last page is really odd. The big reveal is that they’ve invented superpowers well Albert was away. Albert says show him and Amadeus (the kid apparently in charge) just says to wipe it down and that they are down. The page zooms back to reveal a campus cops go-cart on the roof of the dorm. How did it get up there? And why do they wipe it down? Was it meant to be a college prank and they carried it up, and they wipe it down so no prints? Or was it meant as demonstration of powers?

Bendis is normally a fairly strong writer, but not in this issue. The pacing is off, the script is horrible in many parts, and it’s just boring.

And what happened to Mark Bagley? Whoever drew this issue isn’t Bagley. And if it really was, he must have been sick. The art was really bad. The figures looked oddly drawn in alot of panels. The emotions were hard to read. I don’t know if it was the inks or the coloring, but neither helped out Bagley’s pencils. The whole thing looked rushed.

Brilliant #1 receives
2 out of 5

Boring and with horrible writing and art. Definately not a brilliant comic.

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