The GeeksverseBlackhawks #1

Blackhawks #1
Published on Saturday, October 1, 2011 by

Written by: Mike Costa
Layouts by: Graham Nolan
Finished by: Ken Lashley
Colored by: Guy Major
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Cover Art: Ken Lashley w/ Guy Major
Associate Editor: Janelle Asselin
Editor: Mike Marts

This was one of the titles I was looking forward to. I liked the new take on the Blackhawks that DC was going with in the new 52. Making them a special anti-metahuman ops unit makes alot of sense. I didn’t read Men Of War so I don’t know how the two titles differ, if they do, since both seem to have the same purpose.

And again, there’s a disconnect between the world set forth in this title and the rest of the DCU. This has happened in alot of the titles where they just don’t seem to mesh together. What is the “metapowers” act? If it means that in a hostage situation, like the opening scene, that metapowers can’t intervene, then shouldn’t that have popped up in another title at some point? That seems like a major rule in the universe and if they can’t intervene in a hostage crisis then what do super heroes do? Does it mean they can only intervene when it’s a metapowered crisis?

This needs some explanation.

That aside, the rest of the book is pretty good. Costa impressed me with his work on IDW’s Cobra series and I figured he’d do a good job with this, and he does. This works good as a first issue. It shows the team in action, sets up the first storyline in a couple different ways, sets up some subplots, introduces most (all?) of the team members and gives us a pretty good introduction to how they operate.

Using the visit from the Delegate is a nice way of providing us with a tour as well. The tour is obvious, as it’s meant to show us around, but the device masks the obviousness and makes it part of the story. Same with the the little bit of downtime we see. It seems pretty clear that the Blackhawks is a non-metapowered operation so seeing one of the operatives developing powers sets up an interesting storyline.

The rest of the team seems interesting. I liked the Irishman being Ukranian. We’re given enough bits of the characters, but not full development. It’s enough to start forming opinions and bonds with the characters and wanting to learn more.

The art by Nolan & Lashley is solid. They do a good job with the action shots as well as the establishing shots.

Blackhawks #1 receives
4 out of 5

I’ll be interested in seeing how this series fits in with the rest of the DCU and how the team interacts/deals with metahumans.

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