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The Adventures Of Alibi Jones #1
Published on Sunday, October 2, 2011 by

Published by: Earthbound Comics
Written & Created by: Mike Luoma
Art by: MEISHA, Rhys Ap Gwyn
Lettered by: Mike Luoma
Cover by: Frederico Guillen

This is three stories in one issue and serves as a good introduction to the world of Alibi Jones. It’s a science fiction tale set in the year 2135. Jones is a mediator for the Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force. We don’t get much of an introduction to the future and just what the SAIF is and what it does. Which is a bit of a drawback and hopefully gets fleshed out in later issues. We do know that humans have established colonies in different areas of space, have transpace (warp?) capabilities and are establishing more colonies. Jones negotiates treaties between aliens and the humans.

There are three stories in this issue. The first “Blind Eye” appeared in Earthbound Comic’s Presents: Spacebound #1 and gets reprinted here. Which is good because without, the later stories wouldn’t have made any sense. It’s a good idea to reprint it because as an indie/small press comic the chances of someone seeing the previous printing are smaller then normal.

Blind Eye does good introducing Jones as well as his role in the world as we see him finishing up a mediation mission and doing a political party. We learn that his family is fairly important to the world. Just what a Prime Representative is in this future government is unknown.

Blind Eye is an interesting con-gone-wrong story involving an old flame of Jones. The plot is decent, with a twist here and there and the script flows good. There are some dialogue bumps but nothing major. The overall tone is light with some humor added. It’s interesting but overall wasn’t sure that I had gotten enough for Alibi Jones to stand out.

There are some logic gaps with the plot, where some aspects of it don’t really work because it seems too far fetched that a more advanced human race would fall for this con. And this is where the lack of establishing information about this future time hits. That these people would fall for the “give us your money and we’ll send you to a beautiful new home” con seems odd especially in the time it took Jones to figure it out.

The art for Blind Eye is by MEISHA and is pretty decent. The layouts are good, with good perspective and proportion. The characters are well rendered if a bit cartoony. A couple of the panels look uninked though, but overall the work is solid.

The second story is Father’s Day and is a flashback to 23 years ago. This story helped make Jones a more interesting character as it gave him a very unique origin. We don’t get alot of the backstory filled in, but we learn why his name is Alibi and that his first meeting with his father wasn’t very pleasant. This story was much darker then the first and third stories. There’s not much sci-fi about it, but that only helps it work better as a turning/establishing point for who Alibi Jones will be.

This story made me interested in the character.

The art is very different from Blind Eye. I can’t place who the style reminds me of, but it’s someone of name. It’s not bad, with interesting figures and layouts, and it fits the tone of the story.

The last story “About Time” takes place 4 years after Blind Eye and features the return of Jones’ old flame. She needs his help and they fall under attack by an alien warrior that looks like a knight and gives off a prophecy.

This story seems like it’s meant to set up the future of Jones and it seems like it could make for some interesting stories, but there are some logic gaps in the story. The old flame runs off too easily but the biggest is the lack of establishment of this world. Jones feels like he should warn the Prime Representative about a possibility of war, but again we don’t know just what this government is and how it works. Which ends up being vital knowledge.

The time travel bit was pretty funny but hard to follow at parts on which was Future-Jones and which was Present-Jones.

MEISHA returns for art on this story and has a style change.

Or maybe it isn’t so much a change in style as just not inking it all.

The style is straight pencils without color or ink (for the most part). And it’s not bad. I would have liked better to have seen the whole thing in this style. Instead we get an odd mix of pencils and inks. Only parts of the art are inked in black and that makes those parts stand out oddly in relation to the rest. The penciled parts end up fading into the background.

It doesn’t work well, or is distracting, when you see Jones’ hair inked and his face uninked. The hair ends up standing out and just looks bad compared to the rest.

MEISHA’s pencils are good and this would have looked alot better fully inked.

The Adventurs Of Alibi Jones #1 receives
3 out of 5

The makings of an interesting science fiction story are here. Luoma shows that he can write a decent story. What is lacking is an establishment of the world itself and a bit tighter plots. This serves as a good introduction to the world of Alibi Jones and I’d probably pick up the second issue to see if the world gets established, which would allow for tighter and better stories. MEISHA, if remains as the artist, needs to either fully ink the pages or not at all. The odd mixture in the third story is distracting and doesn’t come across well at all.

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