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Maryam’s Story Should Be Serialized
Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by

Geronimo is a now famous story that has been transferred to the comic book page. Seal Team 6’s raid on the Bin Laden compound and death of the long sought terrorist was transferred from headline to comic book. Perhaps this was inevitable as does the movie that will inevitably happen. True war stories have been comics before. Another possible candidate was discussed on the morning news.

From Afghanistan, an easily overlooked story SHOULD be turned into a comic. CBS morning news profiled an Afghanistan woman, Maryam, on the morning of 10-4-11. Maryam was forced into a marriage at 13. Then her husband left her and her daughters behind to join the Taliban to fight at the onset of the war with America. He stole their son away. She became a police officer with the goal of tracking him down, arresting him, and recovering her son.

Maryam’s husband left her to join the Taliban, he took their son with him. Left with two young daughters, the 26-year-old went on the offensive. She signed up to join the police force.

Maryam tells CBS News through an interpreter, “I wanted to arrest him myself.”

That sounds like a comic I would want to read.

Perhaps it is because I read A-Team, G.I. Joe, and I.C.E. anyway so I am naturally drawn to this type of focused contemporary war story. Although, I know this story has a larger resonance than just me. This is the story of a female protagonist assailing against the odds to fight the stereotypes of society and fighting for her family.

Sangarsh (2009)

This could be an interesting piece. It could also sell well. The story is reminiscent of Sangarsh and other Thomas Harris protagonists. In both cases a new female recruit, not quite ready for duty, was pushed into service. That young face provides a sympathetic character that audiences fell in love with.

Maryam is a similar character. As a female police officer she faces death threats from the Taliban as she works cases of rape and child abuse not unlike another popular crime show.

Maryam’s story would make an interesting comic book. 10 years into the war against terror in Afghanistan, stories are still untold.

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