The GeeksverseA.P.: Steam Punk Fairy Tales #1

A.P.: Steam Punk Fairy Tales #1
Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by

Prepare for 1001 nights of grand, Grimm adventure in the wilds of folkore, steampunk style! Rapunzel’s rescuer needs no lengthy locks with his trusty steam-jet to launch him. Red Riding Hood can battle the beasts of the woods with her electrostatic blunderbuss. Ali Baba eludes the pursuing thieves aboard his personal autogyro. mentions the Sep 29 release, but has yet to review it. I mention their lack of review because they link to other Steampunk related goodies. While you may not find their opinion of this one-shot, I do think they have some neat links.

This is not A.P Press’ first foray into steampunk. This is the same company that brought Time Lincoln and Steampunk Palin to the comic shop shelves. Gotta love the steampunk atmosphere. In this case the black and white Steam Punk overshadows the Fairy Tales.

This comic is over the top in its nostalgic look at a non-existent Victorian period. Like Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue, the reader need not go into this comic looking for the witty story. This comic doesn’t have the story of Time Lincoln. Instead it is a simpler and paler romp through a beautifully executed Steampunk Manga.

The Fairyland of Steampocalypse: Fred Perry
Steampunk Cinderella: Rod Espinosa
Front & Back Covers: Kelsey Shannon
Edited by Doug Dlin

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