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How Did Walking Dead Begin?
Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by

Walking Dead may have began as an idea between two guys from Kentucky to extend a Romero film concept past the two hour mark, but it became a sensation. The story follows Rick as the central protagonist. Unfortunately, he was in a comma when the zombie outbreak occurred and quickly spread. No one has been completely forthcoming since about what has happened in the book. Not even Ewgene.

The AMC TV show, returning for season two, is teasing how it all began.

Kirkman has said repeatedly that the show and the comic are not the same continuity This is not the same story. Answering how it began in the TV verse does not necessarily answer how it began in the comic verse. The season closing hints at the CDC in Atlanta do not occur in the comic.

The second season of this Halloween series begins on October 16 and AMC has released six webisodes to whet our appetite for more Walking Dead.

Bicycle Girl Webisode

Now we get to find out more! Comicvine is housing all of the videos at the moment.

Why do things have to die?
It’s gods plan. Everything dies.
Until it doesn’t anymore. Check out these short web featurettes and see a glimpse beyond the show’s episodes.

Walking Dead is now joining other shows using web content to bridge the gap between television screen and audiences. Smallville made regular webisodes nearly every season. It made for great DVD fodder for the non tech-savy. It is nice that Walking Dead, a special effects and make-up heavy show, is putting together webisodes. These short two minute segments add up to create a mini episode.

mike palmer thinks…
Spoiler: Mike Palmer thinks its terrorists. Or is it?

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