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Huntress #1
Published on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 by

Written by: Paul Levitz
Penciled by: Marcus To
Inked by: John Dell
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Lettered by: Sal Cipriano
Cover Art: Guillem March w/ Tomeu Morey
Editor: Ben Abernathy

By the way, the cover image above is not the final cover image that came with the issue. The final cover image had a much better facial expression and they must have had March fix it. Which is a good thing because the first image (the one linked above) is bad. Of course the cover image is bad compared to the interior art anyways.

I’ve always been a fan of the Huntress. I think Greg Rucka handled her the best. So I was a bit disappointed she hadn’t been shown in the new Birds of Prey and no where else in the New 52. Then DC announced this mini-series and I was interested.

Levitz does a good job with the character. He’s got her personality down and plays with it a bit. He softens her up just a bit, enough for her to realize that she’s a good looking woman and use it to her advantage. It’s a nice side to the Huntress and does fit in with her name and mode of operation. Seduction and physical attractiveness is just another way of hunting after all.

The story seems fairly basic though and so far doesn’t show why it warranted a mini-series. As with Levitz’s other New 52 title, Legion of Super Heroes, this is not accessible for new readers. A new reader would be confused on who this character is and why she is doing what she does. Vague references to Batman and Gotham only confuse the reader, they don’t even hint at the outsider standing that Huntress has with the Batman-family. Her name isn’t even mentioned in this issue.

Fans of the Huntress will enjoy this, but new readers will be left lost. There’s barely a mention of what she is doing in Italy, a country that should have deeper meaning to her considering her past. And who is her friend at the Daily Planet? There’s so much that is left unsaid that it’s hard for a new reader to get into this, and it’s even hard for an old reader to understand where this sits in the new 52 and what Huntress’ status is in the relaunch.

Aside from those issues it’s an entertaining story and Huntress fans will be pleased.

There are a couple of “no way” moments though. Somehow Huntress is able to shoot a crossbow bolt through a goon’s legs and into the trigger guard of a gun on the floor. That’s a bit impossible. The weapons, and how she uses them, aren’t exactly the easiest things to aim.

There’s also a moment with the art where Marcus To puts her in an impossible position. The way her body bends just looks painful.

That’s the only negative to the art though. To, like Huntress herself, was someone that I wondered why wasn’t part of the New 52. I loved his work on Red Robin and was surprised he didn’t make the cut when so many lesser artists did. So it was nice to see him on this book, which is a tone and style and character that suits his talents. Huntress is like Red Robin in the way she fights and To does a great job (with the exception of the one pane; mentioned above) drawing the fights.

And like Levitz softens Helena and lets her use her feminine side, To draws her that way as well. There are no cheesecake shots, he just shows her as a good looking woman who dresses the part to get attention but in a classy way.

Huntress #1 receives
4 out of 5

Excellant art helps the grade of this which gets hurt by the inaccessibility of the story and lack of giving Huntress a status quo in the new 52. It’s still a good story though.

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