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Homage Covers?
Published on Thursday, October 6, 2011 by

Robert Atkins RI Cover for GI Joe #6 is a direct homage to G. Perez’s Superman cover, which may have been an homage to the earlier John Bryne X-Men cover. While the Atkins cover was not directly related to the story, the cover is still sweet as a mini poster for GI Joe for IDW.

On his blog, Atkins explains how he created the alternate cover for IDW. Atkins rose to the challenge of a quick turn around time to create is 47th GI Joe cover for the company. Check out the behind the scenes steps leading to this cover.

This is far from the first time that comics have recycled this pose to sell a comic book. Superhero, war story, and even monster books have used this pose before. Check out the Comic Coverage blog for the details.

Comic Coverage

The homage covers is part of what drew me to Chikara cover artist Marco D’Alfonso. So, what about homage covers captures the attention of the comic book shopper? Is it all nostalgia? Is it something else? Share on the Pryde Forum.

Chikara homage round up

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