The GeeksverseThe Last Of The Greats #1

The Last Of The Greats #1
Published on Thursday, October 6, 2011 by

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Brent Peebles

Note: My review copy didn’t have a credits page so I can’t give full credit to all the people that worked on this issue or did the covers (although Francis Francavilla did one of them).

The idea behind this series is interesting. A race (?) of aliens lands on Earth and takes form to guide the world and prepare the world for something. They’re superhuman and they do alot of great things but they also seek to control the world as well. They are called the Greats and the “last” is the only one that didn’t step up and try to guide the human race, he hid out in Antartica.

Over time humans got jealous and chaffed at being under the control of the Greats so they worked to conspired to murder the Greats so that only one survived. Now years later they have to beg that one to come save them because of an alien invasion.

And it’s right there that it starts getting a little convoluted and starts losing some of the strength behind the idea. The entire story becomes full of logic gaps. The world sends the humans that were the aides to the Greats to get the last one to come help them except they send soldiers hiding in the group with orders to destroy his home. They are only able to find the home of the last Great because he all of a sudden starts broadcasting a signal at the same time the 3 million alien ships show up.

Fialkov spends alot of time showing the dark side of humanity. How they looked a gift horse (the Greats and all the good that they bought) in the mouth and rejected the guidance of the Great because the Great wanted to much control. He doesn’t spend enough time on the flip side of that, showing what that control meant. The people of China seemed pretty happy that the Great died. Their reaction shows that for all the good that the Greats did, there had to have been some wrong as well.

The last couple of pages are interesting. There’s a fairly creepy sequance once the human, Adam, learns the secret of the Great. But the last page, which I think is meant to be a shocker of a cliffhanger, really just serves to make the Greats into spoiled brats. They didn’t get to have their way so now they’re going to break the toys, so to speak. It’s a fairly convoluted idea. The last of the Greats gets what he wants from Adam and the other humans, but then the “shocker” is revealed and it seems to run contrary to the rest of the story.

Peeples art is inconsitent. He shows flashes of good work but then there are alot of panels that look poor compared to the rest. They don’t look unfinished, just of lesser quality.

The Last Of The Greats #1 receives
3 out of 5

Interesting concept that just doesn’t work in the execution.

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