The Geeksverse“We Want Comics to Survive”- Jason Latour

“We Want Comics to Survive”- Jason Latour
Published on Thursday, October 6, 2011 by

The Comics Journal has posted an interview with artist/writer Jason Latour. Latour is currently working with 12 Gauge on a comic that he wrote, Loose Ends.

Check out how the sausage is made:

LATOUR: Well, y’know, it’s interesting that comics creators were once much more segregated, in that you would read a book by one of your heroes, whether it be Walt Simonson or Rick Leonardi or somebody, and you would have no idea what they would look like. You had no idea where they lived. You had nothing unless you ran into them at a con. Growing up, I was lucky because HeroesCon is in my hometown so a lot those artists came through. I was at least able to put names to faces. In some instances I got to meet some of them. It’s a weird thing, the walls being down now.

FIFFE: Yeah, there’s no curtain.

LATOUR: Right, there’s no curtain at all. But I guess there’s no reason to be elitist about it, the industry is too small for people to think that they have to hide behind the curtain. If anything it helps to invite people in. But at the same time, we increasingly know more and more about how the sausage is made

Much of what Latour says in this interview sounds familiar as I read it. He said much of the same soap boxes while sketching for me at Free Comic Book Day in Charlotte, NC.

FIFFE: It’s to serve the narrative, not show how clever you can be.

LATOUR: Right, and the writers I respect the most are the ones whose voices become the character’s voices. [Good writers] know when to step back themselves and let the character’s voice be clear. The thing I hate in most comics is when the writer is giving a speech.

Loose Ends speaks for a writer trying to serve the narrative. As a freshman effort, this is a project that is building interest. If you’ve not checked it out yet then consult your local comic shop. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

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