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Terminator /Robocop: Kill Human #1-3
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Two metal sci-fi titans slugging it out after all these years. This team up has been a long time in the making. Terminator and Robocop were sci-fi masterpieces that challenged how consumers felt about the commercialized technology around them. Terminator and Robocop both spawned franchises complete with multiple movies, TV shows, video games, and of course comic books.

Dynamite has been delving into licensed products with Terminator, Robocop, Flash Gordon , Voltron, and others.

Robocop has traveled to the past and altered history, creating a brand new timeline in order to save humanity from genocide at the hands of Skynet and the machines. Now, with Sarah and John Connor as his companions, and his own private naval task force as protection, he will face the ultimate test of man vs machine. They are hundreds of miles from land, surrounded by the finest military hardware the world has ever seen. Surely the T1000 can’t get them here? This will be Alex Murphy’s explosive last stand.

The dialogue is not strong.
The story is not complicated.
Overall this is an adequate book that should be exciting fan boys from across generations. This time twisting tale is straight forward and easy to follow. Creating followable time travel tales requires a deft writer.

Alex Murphy is in a museum of technology collected by Skynet. In an indefinite future Murphy is awoken. He tries to protect the last surviving human and fails.

Alex Murphy interrupts Terminator 2.

Alex Murphy has a plan and puts it into action in the past.
…to be continued…

Terminator and Robocop Creative Team:
Covers: Tom Feister (33%), Jonathan Lau (33%), Wagner Reis (33%)
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: PJ Holden
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Publication Date: Oct 2011
Page Count: 32 pages
Age range: 16+

Rob Williams and P.J. Holden create this mash up tale of protecting humanity. Williams has worked on Ghost Rider and Punisher for the House of M. Holden has worked on Judge Dredd for 2000 AD. Bother have experience working with odd ball characters.

“I’m hugely excited to bring together two much loved Hollywood war machines in the ultimate mash-up of action sequences, satire and very heavy metal,” says writer Rob Williams. “What makes for a stronger machine? The desire to uphold the law or the desire to wipe out humanity? We’re going to find out!”

Williams may currently be under contract with Marvel, but he has written the metal man Alex Murphy before for Dynamite. In 2010, Williams wrote Robocop mystery All teh President’s Men, following on from Paul Verhoeven’s original by mixing high action, extreme violence and satire. Williams penned the return of ED-209! Williams brings back the soulless monster bot, the scourge of all three movies, in Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #1-3. Williams writing credits also include Ghost Rider: Fear Itself with problematic dialogue and bad accents. Alex Murphy’s sparse dialogue is not as problematic as the overly hick Johnny Blaze.

Williams will pen December 2011’s Robocop:Road Trip.

“As someone who grew up on a strict diet of 80s/90s machismo and robot laced action movies (not to mention the dark humour of 2000AD) – Robocop/Terminator is dream project for me,” says artist P.J. Holden. “I’ve known Rob for years, and it’s a real pleasure to finally work with him. I look forward to drawing many, many, things being blown up while I speak all the dialogue to myself in a faux Ahnuld accent (even the dialogue that isn’t supposed to be).”

Paul J. Holden’s art has a very 90s vibe. The lines and color are reminiscent of the Robocop and Terminator comics from the 90s. Robocop and Terminator both look fine. His Connors look stiff and bland, but he does draw a killer killer robot. In 2007, Holden drew Fearless (for Image) but has created page after page of post-apocalyptic sci-fi for 2000AD.

ComikKazee gave this series only one star. The review was fairly harsh, “People, you need to avoid this series! Avoid it at all costs and you will have a happier life. If you buy it don’t say somebody didn’t warn you because I did.”

Geeks of Doom gives the second issue a 4 star rating “You can get away with a borrow, but if you’re a big fan of these franchises, something tells me you’ll want to take the plunge and buy this one.”

Project Fanboy reviewed Kill Human 3 of 4, “Overall this is a fun but shallow experience for fans of either franchise. There’s the potential for greatness here, but the final issue really needs to deliver a deeper plot and more character development to achieve it.” Project Fan Boy also points out the art being adequate, “…John looks like a lot like Edward Furlong from T2, but Sarah is kind of funny looking.”

My review is that this isn’t a perfect miniseries but it is a fun mash up of two franchises. I hope that it sparks interest in keeping both franchises on the comic shop shelves in the future (or the past…if that’s possible with time travel). Kill Human #4 will be out soon. If you haven’t picked up the first three then you will probably want to wait on a collected edition to place in your metal man shrine. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #2:

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