The GeeksverseG.I. Joe #6-Review of the Ongoing Civil War

G.I. Joe #6-Review of the Ongoing Civil War
Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by

The Cobra Civil War may be take no prisoners, but the Joes greatest mistakes might be taking prisoners. The Joes have captured a Cobra submarine which they are retrofitting into a Joe boat and transmission station. Since the Joes are on the run, they need a way to communicate. Although Cobra, and Major Bludd, seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves. Flint and company have captured the Baroness but have nowhere to take the prisoner now that the Pitt and other bases are compromised. Returning to the one place that Cobra won’t think to look–Springfield–seems like a great idea until they get there and are trapped by a contingency plan.

Cobra is still striking hard and pushing G.I. Joe onto the run. This is reminiscent of Larry Hama’s return to the Marvel continuity when Cobra was winning. Returning to Springfield is always a fan favorite, even this shell of a burned out city that Mainframe knew was something more. This comic is squarely rooted in the IDW non-Hama continuity, tying into their “season 1″ story arc. This is a well edited and well paced story.

What lurks behind the retail incentive homage cover? Read and find out. See what others are saying. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Chuck Dixon, writer
Wil Rosado, art
Tom Feister & Wil Rosado, covers

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