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The Theater #1-Review
Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by

Zenescope has revamped their website and diversified their offerings again. The company that seemed recently to only put Grimm Fairy Tale titles on the comic shop shelves has added a new horror comic. The Theater joins The Waking, Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide, and Salem’s Daughters. This is similar to MGM Drive-In Theater and When Drive in attacks from other companies.

Not quite EC classic horror, but The Theater #1 has an interesting frame tale. The comic opens with a couple alone in a desolate theater watching a horror movie. When they leave, closing the comic, something else seems to be going on. It is a frame tale with promise of something more to come in the future.

The main story, in this case the inner story, is a straight forward zombie story. It is a well developed, well paced, yet predictable zombie story. Post-apocalyptic survival tale focused on a father and a son ends fairly predictably but is a fun telling.

If the opening frame tale structure can be trusted then this story is one and done and will be replaced by another quick one shot of horror next issue.

Check out the trailer on Zenescope’s Youtube Channel.

This horror comic is much more straight forward than the spirited Theater Hopper online comic. Although it would be a nice platform to mock slasher flicks in a different way than Hack/Slash.

Comic Monsters has an interview with creator Raven Gregory. Besides having a nearly perfect horror writer name, Raven Gregory, Gregory has already penned Zenescope tales with The Fly, Grimm, and Wonderland, Waking, Charmed, Salem’s Daughter, and other stories. Gregory has developed a reputation among Zenescope fans for creating great story telling.
Gregory discusses The Theater with Comic Monsters:

Raven Gregory: Sometimes I get a scene trapped in my head and the story spills out from that. Without spoiling too much in the first issue there is a scene at the beginning and the end of the book. Everything that is this series spilled out of that one scene.

Horror News Network: Who are the main characters in this book?

Raven Gregory: Man, this is tough. If I say who the main characters are it kind ruins the big twist to the whole series. Let’s just say the people who run the theater itself play a major role in the series.

Horror News Network: What can we expect in terms of blood and guts?

Raven Gregory: There’s not as much as normally but there is still quite a bit. This series is really different than any kind of horror I’ve done before so I’m hoping people dig the new direction.

Created and Written by Raven Gregory
Pencils Martin Montiel & Novo Malgado
Colors Michael Garcia
Letters Crank!

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