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Pigs #2-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by

Often the #2s tend to see a slump in sales. It is a long standing trend that heads all the way back to the buyers market of the 90s where #1s flew off of the shelf for potential collect-ability. It is important to note that Pigs #2 should sell as well as #1, or better, since the intriguing story is still being unfolded. Pigs is still making the cold war cool.

Cosby & Ben McCool=Writers
Breno Tamura=Artist
Christopher Sotomayor= Color Artist
Rus Wooten=Letterer/Production

War stories are not new in comics. The Cold War has been the subject of adventure comics before, even without an actual declared war the espionage and spy stories are quickly becoming legendary. Pigs #2 is focused less on the interrogation from #1 and more on the sleeper agents in America: The White Russian. The focus show the conflict within the character. That inner turmoil will bubble out sooner or later in this series as he’s pressed into reluctant service.

The covers for this book are striking and different on the comic shop shelves. No foregrounded pows and whams, instead the covers are distinctly patriotic yet oppressive.

Second issues tend to slump in numbers, but this is a book that deserves to be bought and read.

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