The GeeksverseSavage Dragon #174-Review

Savage Dragon #174-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by

With great power comes great responsibility, but it does not come with an instruction manual. Malcolm Dragon is still trying to figure out how be a superhero. Everything has consequences. A rescue mission is mounted to find Rex Dexter because Malcolm asked for one to be. That put Rex and family in direct contact with Mr. Glum and allows Deathseed and minions to escape into Chicago.

Buildings crumple. People fight. Surely, someone else is hurt in the wake of Malcom’s decisions. His impulsive nature has long reaching consequences.

One of Malcolm’s friends is now an orphan trying to fit into the band of misfits following Daredevil. He’s a blood brother pushed into fighting a superhero’s fight without any training.

Larsen is still slugging the punches and using his long reaching continuity to make actions have consequences.

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