The GeeksverseThe Library #2-Review

The Library #2-Review
Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 by

Dinosaurs. Bandits. Hercules. Minotaur. And a few bewildered people are all mixed in together. In Zenescope’s Library #1 two rich kids opened a book they should not have touched and now every book in the library is a potential portal to somewhere else. At the end of #1 the kids were lost in different books. In #2 they are back in the library with their dad and a librarian but they are not alone.

They seem to be back in the library rather quickly. However, their trouble is not over.

The cast of book refuges is a mish mash. Hercules is very non-Marvel. The cowboy with a rattle snake whip seems fun.

The art is nice. The writing is fast paced with a narrative voice over that recaps and moves along.

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